Gupshup’s chatbot authoring and multichannel messaging platform gets $100M boost

Gupshup platform

upshup, a messaging-focused customer engagement platform, today announced it has raised $100 million in funding from Tiger Global Management, valuing the startup at $1.4 billion. Gupshup says the funds will be put toward its go-to-market, product, and customer acquisition efforts.

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AI in Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

With AI and RPA, business organizations can quickly transform their operational procedures, achieve better results, scale their business and attain full automation. However, both technologies require rare technical skills — a growing concern for corporate businesses around the world. There is an increasing need for tech professionals who can successfully leverage them.

Read More partners with FESTO on decentralised manufacturing marketplace

AI blockchain startup is partnering with industry veteran FESTO to launch a decentralised marketplace for manufacturing. is based in Cambridge, UK and has built an impressive team of talent with experience from DeepMind, Siemens, Sony, and a number of esteemed academic institutions. The company is working on decentralised autonomous “agents” which perform real-world…

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AI Weekly: The election

Though technology wasn’t the star of the show this week, it’s there under the surface, which actually jibes with its place in life and work more generally. Even when you don’t see it, it’s there. Even if you don’t realize that algorithms are making decisions (or are contributing to people making decisions) for you and about you, they are. This is by no means the last we’ll hear about AI-powered threats to elections, businesses, and day-to-day life.

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IBM study highlights rapid uptake and satisfaction with AI chatbots

A study by IBM released this week highlights the rapid uptake of AI chatbots in addition to increasing customer satisfaction. Most of us are hardwired to hate not speaking directly to a human when we have a problem—following years of irritating voicemail systems. However, perhaps the only thing worse is being on hold for an…

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