Edge Delta raises $15M Series A to take on Splunk


Seattle-based Edge Delta, a startup that is building a modern distributed monitoring stack that is competing directly with industry heavyweights like Splunk, New Relic and Datadog, today announced that it has raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by Menlo Ventures

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AI tools are killing conventional Dashboards

AI dashboards

AI is revolutionizing and influencing today’s technology. World is transforming from simple dashboards to data-driven tools. Set of questions changed from “What” to “Why”. Business information travelling to “Push” from “Pull”. Human intelligence comparing with machine intelligence always a question of debate!

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How AI complicates enterprise risk management

Man standing in the city

Despite the gains artificial intelligence has already brought to the enterprise, there is still much hand-wringing over its potential for unintended consequences. While the headlines tend to focus on AI running amok and destroying all mankind, the practical reality is that current generations of AI are more likely to wreak havoc on business processes — and profits — if not managed properly. But how can you control something that, by its nature, is supposed to act autonomously? And by doing so, won’t the enterprise be hampering the very thing that makes AI such a valuable asset in the workplace?

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Real-World lessons for Machine Learning in business

Oak tree

Machine learning seems to be getting all the interest and hype these days, and some are even saying that it’s going mainstream. There are even dedicated conferences and summits for ML just like the 2021 AWS Machine Learning Summit. For ML to go mainstream, in my perspective, there are still real-world lessons we’ll need to translate ML into production for businesses, and I was hoping to get some takeaways from this summit. I listed here some parts that made the most impact on me.

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Can Deep Learning/ AI help automate Business Intelligence tasks? A tall order unfortunately!

Deep learning business automation

Have you ever wondered how some people are just plain brilliant with numbers? How they can spot data issues in a jiffy — or glean an insight that’s not apparent to you? In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, every Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, and for that matter most software vendors, claim to be using AI. In most cases this is great window dressing — but puns apart, given the complexity of BI insight discovery, can we automate this process with current AI technology?

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The road from BI to AI

Road from BI to AI

Data has surpassed oil for its worth in the world economy. Here are a few data fluency thoughts on the base understanding of how data can be turned into a valuable asset. First, it is important to understand that there is a maturity model used to describe ways to use data to enhance decision making. The model includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics solutions. Here is a graph used to help visualize these various types of solutions.

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Climate risk platform Cervest raises $30M Series A led by Draper Esprit


Cervest – a startup with a platform that claims to quantify climate risk across multiple decades and threats down to the asset level – has raised a $30 million Series A round led by Draper Esprit. Previous investors Astanor Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital (Chris Sacca), and Future Positive Capital also participated in the round, and were joined by new investors UNTITLED, the venture fund of Magnus Rausing, and TIME Ventures, the venture fund of Marc Benioff. Cervest’s total funding now stands at $36.2 million. It previously raised $5.2M in 2019.

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10 secret Tableau features you should start using right away

Tableau expert

The power of Tableau is its ease of use. With only a few clicks you can drag and drop different data fields to create your view. As per all the other tools, it takes time to explore and master all Tableau features but with this article, I aim to explain 10 tips and tricks which will help you to build compelling dashboards in a timely fashion.

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Tellius announces $8M Series A to build ML-fueled business data query tool

Pen/ stilo touch screen

Getting actionable business information into the hands of users who need it has always been a challenge. If you have to wait for experts to help you find the answers, chances are you’re going to be too late. Enter Tellius, an early stage startup building a solution to help business users find the information they need when they need it. Today the company announced an $8 million Series A led by Sands Capital Ventures with participation from Grotech. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $17 million, according to the company.

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British Cybersecurity firm Darktrace goes public

Lock with binary

According to the person who is close to the deal, the IPO could value Darktrace up to £3 billion. It will be the very first big test of London investors’ craving for evolving technology after Deliveroo faced the downfall by 26% on its very first day of trading last month, resulting in fears that more European evolving companies would look at the list in Amsterdam or in New York. 

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Simplifying merchandising & planning operational decision making with AI

Over the past year, retailers and distributors have faced huge challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains have been disrupted and workforces have been reduced. Customers have shifted massively to purchasing online rather than in-store, and businesses have been forced to adjust their practices accordingly.

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Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence Adoption — Understand AI

AI text with head

Still, not all industries are using Artificial Intelligence. Implementing AI in a company is not a super easy task, but let’s be honest, it is not even complicated. Probably, the main barrier to adoption is the company culture and the inclination towards a digital adaptation. It is not just a matter of technology!

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Cloud data analytics service Phocas raises $34 million to grow AI, global footprint

Phocas Software‘s cloud data analytics tools might be best known in Australia, where they’re used by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fiskars Royal Doulton, and Burson Automotive to streamline employee access to key financial data, but the company is planning to become more aggressive globally in 2021. Today, Phocas announced that it raised $34 million to bolster its AI capabilities and reach new customers across the world, while expanding its data tools to reach new verticals.

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Data quality from First Principles

The right way to think about Data Quality, from Kimball and Uber’s points of view. If you’ve spent any amount of time in business intelligence, you would know that data quality is a perennial challenge. It never really goes away. For instance, how many times have you been in a meeting, and find that someone has to vouch for the numbers being presented?

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Data Scientist vs Business Intelligence Analyst. Here’s the difference.

I have compared several other similar jobs to Data Science in past articles, and now will be comparing the role of Business Intelligence Analyst or Developer, oftentimes called a BI Developer. While at first glance you may question how similar these roles really are, but after analyzing the key components of these roles, you will see that they share quite a bit of skills, tools, and goals. Similarly, the same could be said about the differences.

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