Gupshup’s chatbot authoring and multichannel messaging platform gets $100M boost

Gupshup platform

upshup, a messaging-focused customer engagement platform, today announced it has raised $100 million in funding from Tiger Global Management, valuing the startup at $1.4 billion. Gupshup says the funds will be put toward its go-to-market, product, and customer acquisition efforts.

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Introduction to the 4 principles of the Responsible AI for Business Leaders

Robot torso

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology facilitates decisions that have far-reaching consequences for everyone, and that’s why we need a solid and shared standard that ensures AI is safe, trustworthy, and unbiased, as well as that AI and Machine Learning (ML) models are robust, explainable, ethical, and efficient.

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Future of SaaS: What to expect in coming years


With more and more integration of Cloud services, SaaS models continue to operate as the most popular service-based approach. However, with time, SaaS is likely to go through certain robust changes that will peak its popularity in years to come. It’s all up in the cloud…

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Workplace Automation challenges and the potential negative impact on your business

Wrong way sign

Boston-based global consultancy Bain & Company looked at the forces that were not only forcing workers to stay home — COVID-19 — but also the technology that enabled them to stay at home. Based on survey responses from nearly 800 executives worldwide it found that many companies had no choice but to turn to automation to keep the business running.

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Brandwatch is acquired by Cision for $450M, creating a PR, marketing and social listening giant

Online consumer intelligence and social media listening platform Brandwatch has been acquired by Cision, best known for its media monitoring and media contact database services, for $450 million, in a combined cash and shares deal. TechCrunch understands Brandwatch’s key executive team will be staying on. The move combines two large players to offer a broad […]

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Profit or Information?

Money and bulb

If you’re a company, you’re continually seeking how to gain more profit. If a company is seeking to expand or change their current business (in both big or small ways), a common solution is experimentation. Companies can experiment if a change works out or not; if a change does seem to be promising, they can incorporate that change into their broader business. Especially with digital-based companies, experimentation is a driving force of innovation and growth.

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The advantage of Personalization in Rotating Stores (part two)


In the last blog post, the goal was to explain a rotating store’s core concepts while imposing some minor personalization details. We generated a quick estimate to understand personalization’s monetary impact on a rotating store. Unfortunately, this painted a naive optimism towards personalization; this post aims to dig into the areas where the previous fell short. Let’s get started!

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The advantage of Personalization in Rotating Stores (part one)

Ferris Wheel

The concept behind a rotating store is relatively simple; only a fraction of a catalog’s items are purchasable at any given time. The store effectively hides the remaining products, and transactions on that subset are impossible until a “rotation” occurs. In most cases, a rotation takes place at some predetermined cadence known by the consumer. In this sense, a rotating store shares similarities with a “flash sale.” Under this scenario, items that were likely purchasable beforehand have now been discounted for a short time, usually 1–2 days. However, the mechanism is slightly different as the “sale” in a rotating store is the opportunity to purchase the item. While possible, it does not have to include an actual discount.

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Future Tech: Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity

In this new series Future Tech, I pick a topic about the future in technology and discuss my thoughts and opinions on what we might experience. This weeks topic is Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity. How will AI impact the evolution of humans and what marvels of science and technology will the Singularity bring when AI becomes a billion times more intelligent the entire history of humankind?

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iHack Alpha by unveils AI powered solutions for Business & Social Challenges

iHackAlpha Challenge

As a known fact, the retail scene globally has been in a slump ever since the rise of e-commerce and digital devices. The pandemic-stricken year has pushed the sector further into gloom, with experts predicting sales to be declining by at least 10% year-on-year in the Southeast Asia region. On top of that, businesses are grappling with the challenge…

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How AI and Smart Chatbots ensure to provide excellent User Experience

Woman using a tablet

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are adopting AI approaches and implementing use cases that are efficient enough; the global revenue of AI solutions is estimated to reach the mark of 118.6 billion dollars by 2025. Serving customers and businesses with the best experience and services worldwide, AI approaches are rapidly replacing the traditional methods and decreasing the requirement for humans to perform specific redundant tasks.

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Artificial Intelligence business opportunities: 10 steps to implement

Group of young people meeting

Creating a smart algorithm is not yet a given for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, who might lack the resources to launch a successful Artificial Intelligence program. While (very) large corporations benefit from the vast amount of data available to them, as well as a combination of business, technological and regulatory expertise, most SMEs have no such luck.
This should however not discourage the brave and bold…

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How Industries will move past the Pandemic and thrive in 2021 using AI

The response from COVID-19’s gradual recovery will be top of mind for nearly every firm and industry in 2021. Some businesses may become stagnant or never recover. Others will view the shakeup as an unprecedented opportunity to understand and improve their data and analytical assets, operationalize and update their model production process, and reassure customers that their AI can be trusted.

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EU should regulate Artificial Intelligence to protect rights

European Union Flag

The last decade has seen an alarming proliferation of artificial intelligence (“AI”) to monitor protests, predict crime, and profile minorities, in ways that gravely threaten our human rights. The European Commission has pledged to develop groundbreaking regulation of these technologies that will “safeguard fundamental EU values and rights.” In a letter published this week, Human Rights Watch joined more than sixty civil society and rights groups to hold the commission to its word, urging decisive action to prevent abusive applications of AI.

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