Are you doing AI with Humans in Mind?


Whether you’re building or buying AI, if you don’t think about user experience, you might experience no users. So let’s get some insight from Sean Gourley, the founder and CEO of Primer, an AI company focused on natural language processing — you know, machines that can “read” and “write” and maybe someday “use air quotes properly.” From our conversation, here are three lessons for leaders.

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Merger between Nvidia and Arm delayed by Brussels

Nvidia - Arm merger

The merger between Nvidia and Arm Holdings has been delayed by Brussels on behalf of the EU, claims a report by The Guardian. The deal in question is to allow the computer systems design maker to take over Arm from SoftBank, while giving out a majority of its shares to the Japanese investment giant. This new hurdle has apparently forced the British semiconductor chip-maker to consider going for a stock market float, most likely in New York Stock Exchange, people close to the matter say.

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The gap between Data science and the organization

Scrabble tiles

The term ‘Data scientist’ was nonexistent when I started my journey in Data analytics space but now it is so called the ‘sexiest job after the decade’: probably after space crews in SpaceX and Virgin Galactic! Data has always fascinated me and I am sure it will continue to do so for many years to come. Throughout this journey I have seen many projects flying off as well as falling apart at various stages. VentureBeat’s quote of 2019, still stays true: ‘87% of data science projects never make it to production’, and there are several reasons which need serious intervention and fixes, to improve this number.

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Argo AI, Ford & Lyft partnership provides robotaxi services to Lyft customers

Robotaxi service

Argo AI, Ford, and Lyft form the first large-scale collaboration in the US as a self-driving developer, a carmaker, and a ride-hailing company comes together. They will provide robotaxi service to Lyft customers in Miami and Austin. Which are expected to start by later this year in Miami and by next year in Austin.

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UVeye, Israeli developer of Automated Vehicle Inspection Systems, raises $60 million


UVeye, an Israeli developer of automated vehicle inspection technology for automakers, has raised $60 million in additional funding to fund its global expansions. CarMax, W.R. Berkley Corp. and F.I.T. Ventures are among the investors in UVeye’s Series C funding round. They join previous investors that include Volvo Cars, Hyundai Motors and Toyota Tsusho.

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Self-driving tech developer Aurora raising $2 Billion in SPAC listing that values it at $11 billion

Self-driving vehicles

Aurora, a developer of technology for self-driving cars and trucks, is joining the rush to raise funds through a SPAC merger that will net the company about $2 billion and boost its valuation to an estimated $11 billion, the highest of any autonomous vehicle company to go public so far.

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The bathroom break ‘Gotta Go’ conundrum for riders inside AI Self-Driving Cars


Sometimes, something that might seem inconsequential can be a rather daunting problem. Have you ever been driving your car and suddenly had your toddler announce that they have to go the bathroom? For most parents, this has happened at least once in their parental lives, if not many times. Indeed, parents that go through this circumstance are bound to repeatedly in the future admonish their children to go to the bathroom before any long road trip gets underway.

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NICE sets the standard for Responsible Design and Deployment of AI-powered Robots by unveiling its Robo-Ethical Framework


NICE unveiled a Robo Ethical Framework promoting responsibility and transparency in the design, creation and deployment of AI-powered robots. NICE’s ethical guidelines set the standard for designing, building and deploying robots, and form the basis for solid and ethically sound robot and human collaboration. Comprising a set of five guiding principles, NICE’s Robo-Ethical Framework underlies every interaction with process robots – from planning to implementation – and drives ethically sound human-robot partnerships in the workplace. The launch of this framework reiterates the company’s dedication to these standards and invites industry wide adoption.

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German identity verifier IDnow acquires France’s ARIADNEXT for $59 million, hits M&A road

Ariad Next acquires IDnow

IDnow, a German-based identity verification startup is acquiring ARIADNEXT, a French equivalent, specializing in remote identity verification and digital identity creation. A price was not released by either party but TechCrunch understands from sources that the deal was approximately $59 million / €50 million. Sources say IDnow is looking to do similar acquisitions.

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Will EUs Artificial Intelligence regulations weaken the allies?

US and EU Flags

I had the pleasure of working & living in Sweden during the late 90s and early 2000s. During this time, Sweden was advanced in innovation and fostered open-minded dialog around technologies. At that time, we widely used advanced algorithms which were active in Government, Academics, and the largest Corporations, yet never scrutinized or categorized.

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How to grow your Small Business using Artificial Intelligence

Small business

Artificial intelligence’s potential and prospects for small businesses continues to expand. With AI technologies upon us, most small businesses are often more concerned with lights on and doors open for everyday business than navigating what appears to be a convoluted web of modern technology. The important thing to remember is that AI been a part of our daily life. Movie recommendations, driving directions, social media feeds, and your phone’s voice is all instances of how AI is already a part of everyone’s life. 

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Usage of AI for Customer behavior analysis

Grocery AI apps

In recent times, from small businesses to large scale, everyone is introducing digitization to their business to go on the digital floors. The online business concept has been a crucial turnaround in the business sector and elevated the business scope. Whether it is small grocers who build grocery apps to serve their audiences online or the supermarkets that run business digitally and advancing their consumer service, all of them are taking healthy advantage of digital solutions. 

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Artificial intelligence and the McData-fueled future of capitalism

Ronald McDonald

Ba da ba ba bah, McDonald’s is capturing and storing biometric data on its customers without their knowledge or consent. Per a report from The Register, McDonald’s may be facing a class action lawsuit after an Illinois customer sued the mega-corporation for allegedly violating the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)

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Global economic impact of AI: Facts and figures

AI global economic impact

Wall Street, venture capitalists, technology executives, data scientists — all have important reasons to understand the growth and opportunity in the artificial intelligence market to access business growth and opportunities. This gives them insights on funds invested in AI and analytics as well potential revenue growth and turnover. Indeed, the growth of AI, continuing research, development of easier open source libraries and applications in small to large scale industries are sure to revolutionize the industry the next two decades and the impact is getting felt in almost all the countries worldwide.

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Amazon introduces new robots to help improve worker safety in warehouses

Amazon warehouse

Amazon craves automation and who better to do it than robots. The e-commerce giant is once again betting that robots can help workers in their workplace environment while ensuring improved safety in its warehouses.
Amazon has recently introduced new robots that can improve worker safety at warehouses and help reduce pressure and strain on work employees. According to recent reports by Engadget, the company has introduced three new robots, namely- ‘Bert’, ‘Scooter’ and ‘Kermit’.

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