C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute announces AI for Energy and Climate Security Grantees

Climate lock

C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute (C3.ai DTI) announced the second round of C3.ai DTI awards, focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and digital transformation to advance energy efficiency and lead the way to a lower-carbon, higher-efficiency economy that will ensure energy and climate security.

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C3 AI launching a technology licensing office after getting broad AI software Patent

Patent License Agreement

Enterprise AI software platform vendor C3 AI will begin licensing its model-driven architecture and other technologies later this year after receiving a broad, new “omnibus” U.S. patent for its flagship product, the C3 AI Suite.

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C3.ai exec says lack of automation is holding back AI progress

Model driven architecture

After more than a decade of providing a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment for building and deploying AI applications, C3.ai launched an initial public offering (IPO) in December 2020. Earlier this month, in partnership with Microsoft, Shell, and the Baker Hughes unit of General Electric, the company launched the Open AI Energy Initiative to enable organizations in the energy sector to more easily share and reuse AI models.

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New Open AI Energy initiative launches to expand AI Use in Energy Industry

Energy wave over rooftop

Shell, C3.ai, Microsoft and Baker Hughes are collaborating on an Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI) that aims to grow AI use across the energy and process manufacturing industries. The OAI is envisioned by the partners as an open ecosystem of AI technologies that will provide a framework for energy operators, service providers, equipment providers and the software vendors who serve them to create new AI and physics-based models, monitoring, diagnostics and more to help solve critical industry needs, according to the group.

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Case studies of successful AI startups

With tech giants pouring billions of dollars into artificial intelligence projects, it’s hard to see how startups can find their place and create successful business models that leverage AI. However, while fiercely competitive, the AI space is also constantly causing fundamental shifts in many sectors. And this creates the perfect environment for fast-thinking and -moving startups to carve a niche for themselves before the big players move in.

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5 IPOs that show the importance of data in 2020

The amount of data being generated continued to soar in 2020. And with the rollout of 5G networks, the deployment of edge computing, and the expanding adoption of cloud computing, most projections show the creation and collection of data continuing to accelerate. Earlier this year, IDC had projected that 59 zettabytes of data would be “created, captured, copied, and consumed” in 2020, up from 41ZB in 2019. By 2024, that number is expected to reach 149ZB.

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