Stop chasing every shiny new technology and focus on what really matters


A few years ago, I used to take my corgi to the dog park where she’d chase tennis balls with a pair of German Short Haired Pointers (Fast Dogs). Surprisingly, she would get the ball about a third of the time. Both dogs could run circles around her but they were easily distracted. An extra five seconds of focus was all she needed to beat dogs twice as fast.

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Computer Science Degrees: Are they Worth Getting in 2021?

Is a computer science degree worth it? For me, partially. For you? You tell me. In August 2018, I enrolled in college to get my computer science degree. However, I wasn’t your typical CS student. First off, I was almost 30 and already had a college degree from nine years earlier. Secondly, I was already a professional software developer with a full-time job.

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