[Video Podcast] China’s AI ambitions and why they matter

There are a lot of reasons to pay attention to China’s AI initiatives. Some are purely technological: Chinese companies are producing increasingly high-quality AI research, and they’re poised to become even more important players in AI over the next few years. For example, Huawei recently put together their own version of OpenAI’s massive GPT-3 language model — a feat that leveraged massive scale compute that pushed the limits of current systems, calling for deep engineering and technical know-how.

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The future of US AI policy may hinge on a pretend war against a fictional China

Shall we play a game

War is coming. Later this year the US military will fight its most advanced war campaign ever as it faces off against a fictionalized version of China. The battles will be fake, but the results should provide the government with everything it needs to justify the mass development of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS). The era of government-controlled killer robots is upon us.

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Who is winning the global AI-race between Europe, the US and China?

the EU flag

AI and Machine Learning is booming in the USA and China. Thanks to the “data-rich” tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet/ Google, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba. And thanks to MIT, Stanford and academic powerhouses. But also to political willpower, as we have seen in China. Europe is lagging behind, while the US and China racing ahead. Where are we now, in June 2021? Have the “data-poor” Sweden, the Nordics and Europe caught up with the US and China? It does not seem so, rather is the gap increasing.

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China says its fighter pilots are battling AI aircraft in simulated dogfights, and humans aren’t the only ones learning

Aircraft dogfights with AI

China has been pitting pilots against AI-driven aircraft in training simulations.
A commander told the PLA Daily that the AI aircraft were “sharpening the sword” for Chinese pilots. The AI was also learning, highlighting the potential for AI systems in its armed forces.

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Cleaning Robot market size worth $6.2 billion by 2025

Toilet cleaning robot

The global cleaning robot market size is expected to reach USD 6.2 billion by 2025, registering a revenue-based CAGR of 14.6% from 2019 to 2025, according to a new study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. The rising penetration of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR) is a major factor driving the market growth. In addition, the higher costs of mopping labors in emerging countries is boosting the demand for robotic vacuums.

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The EU and U.S. are on track to ban AI, handing the 21st century to China

Compliance - regulation

The European Union has chronically failed to produce any notable tech unicorns — billion-dollar startups. Its recent move to regulate (I would say criminalize) AI technology, if implemented, will setback the EU to the dark ages, and hand the future of tech to China. Instead of supporting these moves as it has, the Biden administration must embrace and support a future of growth and advancement — a future that promotes use of AI, for the sake of the economy, society and above all, national security.

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Here’s why the US continues to beat China in the AI race

USA vs China

The global AI race was supposed to be a sprint. Back in 2017 when driverless cars and domestic robots were thought to be just around the corner, the promise of deep learning made it seem like we were mere months away from living in an AI-powered utopia. As it turns out, the global AI race is more of a marathon. And the US has a huge lead that’ll be difficult to overcome for any country, but especially China.

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Goldman Sachs leads $202M investment in project44, doubling its valuation to $1.2B in a matter of months

Goldman Sachs - Project44

Project44 announced it has raised $202 million in a Series E funding round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Emergence Capital. Girteka and Lineage Logistics also participated in the financing, which gives project44 a post-money valuation of $1.2 billion. That doubles the company’s valuation at the time of its Insight Partners-led $100 million Series D in December, and brings its total raised since inception to $442.5 million.

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BUDGET 2022: Pentagon requesting Boost in R&D funding to compete with China


The Biden administration is proposing a significant increase in Defense Department research-and-development funding for future capabilities while cutting back on procurement spending for today’s systems. The investment plan comes as the U.S. military casts a wary eye toward China and its military advancements.

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European AI needs strategic leadership, not overregulation

Arrows and shapes

The EU Commission recently proposed a new set of stringent rules to regulate AI, citing an urgent need. With the global race to regulate AI officially on, the EU published a detailed proposal on how AI should be regulated, explicitly banning some uses and defining those it considers “high-risk,” planning to ban the use of AI that threatens people’s rights and safety.

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SoftBank leads $15M round for China’s industrial robot maker Youibot


SoftBank has picked its bet in China’s flourishing industrial robotics space. Youibot, a four-year-old startup that makes autonomous mobile robots for a range of scenarios, said it has notched close to 100 million yuan ($15.47 million) in its latest funding round led by SoftBank Ventures Asia, the Seoul-based early-stage arm of the global investment behemoth.

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The United States and India are set to beat China in Artificial Intelligence


The United States and India will come together and further develop AI. The Biden organization intends to use federal funding for U.S. research and development on artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies. The United States and India are logical partners in diagramming the future development of AI, which guarantees economic growth and social benefits to the two nations in key areas like healthcare, education, energy, financial technology and retail.

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[Paper] The Global Artificial Intelligence race and strategic balance: Which race are we running?

AI defense race

This paper discusses some military and defence implications of AI development and assesses potential threats to Euro-Atlantic security. China has been identified as potentially threatening because of its high AI capability rankings, use of AI for military applications and poise to become the global 5G leader. Ultimately, this paper argues that the UK and the EU should approach outsourcing critical communications infrastructure with caution and take recent security concerns involving China more seriously.

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National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence issues report on how to maintain U.S. dominance

National Security Commission AI

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence today released its report today with dozens of recommendations for President Joe Biden, Congress, and business and government leaders. China, the group said, represents the first challenge to U.S. technological dominance that threatens economic and military power for the first time since the end of World War II. The 15-member commission calls a $40 billion investment…

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U.S. leads world in AI, but here comes China

USA China Race

The United States is maintaining its early lead over China and the European Union in development and application of artificial intelligence technology, according to a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). But while the Americans’ lead is still substantial today, China is poised to close the gap, while the EU is largely failing to keep up, the report found.

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Tencent joins $278.5M funding round for Chinese high-powered AI chip developer Enflame


Chinese tech giant Tencent has helped fund a $278.5 million funding round in Shanghai-based artificial intelligence chip developer Enflame Technology. Tencent has been part of every Enflame funding round since the startup was founded in 2018, including leading the $48 million pre-series A round. The continual cash infusion is part of China’s escalating research and investment into AI and chipset creation as competition with tech firms outside of the country heats up.

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China’s adaptive robot maker Flexiv raises over $100 million

As businesses around the world look to automate production lines and supply chains, companies making the robots are attracting great investor interest. The latest to get funded is Flexiv, which closed a Series B round north of $100 million from investors including China’s on-demand services giant Meituan.

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