Astera Labs, a fabless chip startup, nabs $50M at a $950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in high-bandwidth cloud applications

Astera Labs

Astera Labs, a fabless semiconductor company that builds connectivity solutions that help remove bottlenecks around high-bandwidth applications and help better allocate resources around enterprise data, has raised $50 million.

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Fin names former Twilio exec Evan Cummack as CEO, raises $20M


Work insights platform Fin raised $20 million in Series A funding and brought in Evan Cummack, a former Twilio executive, as its new chief executive officer. The San Francisco-based company captures employee workflow data from across applications and turns it into productivity insights to improve the way enterprise teams work and remain engaged.

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Mobius Labs nabs $6M to help more sectors tap into computer vision

Mobius Labs

Berlin-based Mobius Labs has closed a €5.2 million (~$6.1M) funding round off the back of increased demand for its computer vision training platform. The Series A investment is led by Ventech VC, along with Atlantic Labs, APEX Ventures, Space Capital, Lunar Ventures plus some additional angel investors.

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Monad emerges from stealth with $17M to solve the cybersecurity big data problem

Filing drawers

Cloud security startup Monad, which offers a platform for extracting and connecting data from various security tools, has launched from stealth with $17 million in Series A funding led by Index Ventures. 
Monad was founded on the belief that enterprise cybersecurity is a growing data management challenge, as organizations try to understand and interpret the masses of information that’s siloed within disconnected logs and databases. Once an organization has extracted data from their security tools, Monad’s Security Data Platform enables them to centralize that data within a data warehouse of choice, and normalize and enrich the data so that security teams have the insights they need to secure their systems and data effectively.
“Security is fundamentally a big data problem,” said Christian Almenar, CEO and co-founder of Monad. “Customers are often unable to access their security data in the streamlined manner that DevOps and cloud engineering teams need to build their apps quickly while also addressing their most pressing security and compliance challenges. We founded Monad to solve this security data challenge and liberate customers’ security data from siloed tools to make it accessible via any data warehouse of choice.”
The startup’s Series A funding round, which was also backed by Sequoia Capital, brings its total amount of investment raised to  $19 million and comes 12 months after its Sequoia-led seed round. The funds will enable Monad to scale its development efforts for its security data cloud platform, the startup said.
Monad was founded in May 2020 by security veterans Christian Almenar and Jacolon Walker. Almenar previously co-founded serverless security startup Intrinsic which was acquired by VMware in 2019, while Walker served as CISO and security engineer at OpenDoor, Collective Health, and Palantir.

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Insight Partners leads $30M round into Metabase, developing enterprise business intelligence tools


Open-source business intelligence company Metabase announced Thursday a $30 million Series B round led by Insight Partners. Existing investors Expa and NEA joined in on the round, which gives the San Francisco-based company a total of $42.5 million in funding since it was founded in 2015. Metabase previously raised $8 million in Series A funding back in 2019, led by NEA.

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Trilogy of Data, analytics, AI is accelerating innovation across industries [with Video]

Tom Davenport & Tom Siebel

Technology industry veterans Tom Davenport and Tom Seibel have seen firsthand how data, analytics and artificial intelligence have changed business models over the past three decades. In a conversation with ThoughtSpot Chief Data Strategy Officer Cindi Howson at VentureBeat’s Transform 2021 conference on Tuesday, Davenport and Siebel shared their insights into how technology has boosted innovation and how it can transform industries, as well as the dangers it presents.

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The time for cloud-native communities is now… and it is data-driven

Cloud-native communities

The evolution of the cloud-native ecosystem has been unstoppable during the last five years. The cohort of companies, experts, and projects is continuously growing, and factors like a) the increasing level of cloud adoption via managed services such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, and b) the role of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as the vendor-agnostic epicenter of Kubernetes-related projects and technologies are contributing to the organic generation of a very strong and dynamic community.

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Ferrari revs up the Performance of its Sports Cars and Racing Team with AWS Cloud Services

Ferrari sports

Ferrari, the legendary Italian sports car builder with some 239 race victories in Formula 1, has signed a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bolster the performance and design of its exotic racing and street cars by taking advantage of the global computing power of the AWS cloud.

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The Machine Learning Workflow Explained (and How You Can Practice It Now)

Machine Learning workflow

You might have heard that 80% of the battle is won if you have the right data. I can confirm that is true. In most beginner problems we work on, the data is handed to us on a silver plate (read Kaggle datasets). Hence we never go through the trouble of acquiring them. Sometimes you get lucky, and the client has been maintaining an efficient database system. Sorry to burst the bubble; I haven’t come across such a client yet.

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IBM joins effort to build $200M AI, Cloud, Quantum Discovery Accelerator at the University of Illinois

University of Illinois & IBM

With demands for AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing expanding daily, IBM is joining an initiative to build a Discovery Accelerator Institute at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana to drive new research and innovations in some of the fastest-growing fields of study. The collaboration also includes the State of Illinois in what is planned as a $200 million, 10-year initiative to erect a building and facilities for the new institute as well as increase access to technology education and skills development at the school.

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Roles of big tech companies in renewable energy transition

Renewable energy transition

International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently released a report on how to transition to an emission free energy system by 2050 while ensuring sustainability. IEA suggests ending all fossil fuel exploration from 2022 but this is going to be very difficult and the close business ties between big tech companies and fossil fuel industry do not help.

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Esper raises $30M Series B for its IoT DevOps platform


There may be billions of IoT devices in use today, but the tooling around building (and updating) the software for them still leaves a lot to be desired. Esper, which today announced that it has raised a $30 million Series B round, builds the tools to enable developers and engineers to deploy and manage fleets of Android-based edge devices. The round was led by Scale Venture Partners, with participation from Madrona Venture Group, Root Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures and Haystack.

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Peritus AI knowledge network

The New Generation of Knowledge Networks: An exponential opportunity to bridge the cloud-native expert knowledge gap. Demand and supply. These are two of the key principles of modern economics, and they are fully applicable to the current job market. Scarce resources such as specialized talent and knowledge are precious, and they are becoming even more important nowadays because cloud-native and other advanced technologies are being widely adopted.

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5 emerging use cases for productivity infrastructure in 2021

Woman in server room

When the world flipped upside down last year, nearly every company in every industry was forced to implement a remote workforce in just a matter of days — they had to scramble to ensure employees had the right tools in place and customers felt little to no impact. While companies initially adopted solutions for employee safety, rapid response and short-term air cover, they are now shifting their focus to long-term, strategic investments that empower growth and streamline operations.

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IBM Expanding AI, ML capabilities in IBM Cloud Satellite through the Cloud Pak for Data Add-On

IBM cloud satellite

With the recent release of its IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM is quickly expanding the tools it offers to enterprise customers that want to put their workloads onto IBM’s Cloud Satellite. The IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which became generally available to customers on March 26, is the first major add-on for Cloud Satellite since the nascent service was launched on March 1.

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IBM, Cleveland Clinic Begin 10-Year AI, Quantum, Cloud Partnership to Boost Clinical Research

IBM offices

Fueled by the need for faster life sciences and healthcare research, especially in the wake of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, IBM and the 100-year-old Cleveland Clinic are partnering to bolster the Clinic’s research capabilities by integrating a wide range of IBM’s advanced technologies in AI, quantum computing and the cloud.

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Tighten the Cloud Security with AIOps and it’s Features

AI feature graphic

AIOps, also known as artificial intelligence for IT operations has many use cases in cloud environments like threat intelligence analysis, malware detection, and has the potential to give sound advice on implementation considerations. According to Gartner’s research, the implementation of AIOps in enterprises is expected to reach 30% by 2023.

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Data Software-as-a-Service: the case for a hybrid deployment architecture


As founders of companies that build solutions designed to help teams deliver on the promise of data, we knew we wanted to build great products that are easy to deploy and manage for our customers. We also knew that since we would be integrating with our customers’ data stacks, we would need to offer the highest level of security and compliance. The question was: how are we going to build them? SaaS? On-prem? Something else? To meet these goals, we chose a hybrid deployment architecture, a new approach that marries on-prem security with SaaS convenience. Here’s why.

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Future of SaaS: What to expect in coming years


With more and more integration of Cloud services, SaaS models continue to operate as the most popular service-based approach. However, with time, SaaS is likely to go through certain robust changes that will peak its popularity in years to come. It’s all up in the cloud…

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