Essential preprocessing techniques

The goal of preprocessing step is to clear the data and to transform it so that the model has the best possible results. Because the text data is in Natural Language it can contain irrelevant and useless information which should be eliminated. Another aspect is that the data should be uniformized for the model to extract as much information as possible.

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Impact of AI on software development and Testing - Ethical and productivity implications of…

Application development platforms

AI technology is changing the working process of software engineers and test engineers. It is promoting productivity, quality, and speed. Businesses use AI algorithms to improve everything from project planning and estimation to quality testing and the user experience. Application development continues to evolve in its sophistication, while the business increasingly expects solutions to be delivered faster than ever.

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ModelOps vs. MLOps to address Last-mile delivery challenges

Code on a laptop

Decisions organizations make today about building their AI pipelines will have major impacts on the future of AI maintenance for their organizations. But is everyone thinking about the future? The path taken today could impact the ability to add new functionality in the future or require starting from scratch. In order to build the right AI pipeline for your organization, you must identify the risk mix of tools to address the different parts of the pipeline, avoid vendor lock, and control costs.

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The CI/CD Model development process

CI/CD model development

A software platform for organizations and developers to responsibly deploy, monitor, and get value from AI – at scale. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are staples of a modern software development workflow that enable developers to release their code rapidly, reproducibly, and reliably. 

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Artificial Intelligence can write flawless Code! Will Coding be useless?

Source AI

Learn to write quality computer code can take years, but what if a computer that can program itself is more likely to learn the language faster, converse fluently, and even model human cognition. The curiosity inside you must be popping out with a question about how a machine can handle such a difficult task? Well, Source AI, a Paris-based firm, believes that programming shouldn’t be so difficult.

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Top Machine Learning books to read in 2021

Machine Learning is on the raise with big businesses implementing AI in every single business domain. If you want to jump in, or you’re already in trying to learn more, here’s the list of top machine learning books you can find in 2021. Whether you’re an absolute beginner and haven’t heard of Python before (it’s not a snake!), or you’ve dozens of CNNs in PyTorch, you’ll find something for you. Read on.

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OpenAI DALL-E is here

OpenAI just crushed the previous generative AI performances yet with another AI. If you have not been following what OpenAI is doing, we will unravel one of their most advanced AIs in this article. You will also discover how this kind of AI may come into your everyday life in the near future. OpenAI released DALL-E. A powerful neural network named after the artist Salvador Dalí and Pixar’s WALL-E.

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Computer Science Degrees: Are they Worth Getting in 2021?

Is a computer science degree worth it? For me, partially. For you? You tell me. In August 2018, I enrolled in college to get my computer science degree. However, I wasn’t your typical CS student. First off, I was almost 30 and already had a college degree from nine years earlier. Secondly, I was already a professional software developer with a full-time job.

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Top 5 Machine Learning programming languages in 2021

If you are interested in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you’re probably planning your path forward in the exciting and dynamic world of programming. But which languages should you study if you see AI and machine learning in your future?

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Technology in the Oil and Gas industry: An MLOps Perspective

The Oil and gas industry generates an annual revenue that was approximately $3.3 trillion in 2019 and is one of the largest enterprises in the world. Oil and natural gas upstream, midstream and downstream processes constantly generate large amounts of data and is immensely dependent on sophisticated technologies to reveal new insights in the business i.e prevent equipment malfunctioning and improve operational efficiency…

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The nocode revolution is coming — are you ready for it?

Predicting a paradigm shift in the (programming) world, and how to not to get left behind in its wake. I have often read it said that the genius of Lego is its modular design… You can do basically anything with Lego. That is exactly what nocode tools are are doing for creators and businesses by taking the engineering out of app building.

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A-Z Of DevOps: Managing multiple environments with the help of these tools

In most DevOps settings you’ll find that there are multiple environments in the pipeline. You might have conditions that change the environment based on which branch was merged or when a branch is tagged for release. There are a number of reasons you want to have more than just a production environment, the biggest reason being testing.

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Top 22 YouTube Channels to Learn Programming

Whenever you’re just starting out with software development or simply want to up-level your programming skills, you’ll need the right info resources to achieve your goals. In this article, I’ve listed 22 of the best YouTube channels for improving your programming skills.

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Coding for beginners: A guide to languages, courses, and platforms

Coding for Beginners

Software development is one of the most popular professions today. As the demand for promising coding professionals is not going anywhere, many people strive to master new skills to join the ranks of developers. In this post, I will help you start your journey. Following these tips will put you on the right track.

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