Australian ID verification startup OCR Labs raises $15M Series A to expand into UK/ Turkey/ Europe

OCR Labs

OCR Labs, which emerged from Australia, has announced a €12.5M / $15 million Series A funding round led by Turkish investors Oyak Group, to expand its services and team to the UK, Turkey and Europe. Halkin Ventures invested in its seed round. The startup specializes in digital ID verification, customer onboarding, identity fraud, and regulatory compliance.

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AI cybersecurity provider SentinelOne files for $100M IPO


SentinelOne, a late-stage security startup that helps organizations secure their data using AI and machine learning, has filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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Google hires former SiriusXM CPO/ CTO to lead its Maps team

Google hires Christopher Phillips

Almost exactly a year ago, Google announced a couple of leadership changes that saw Prabhakar Raghavan, who joined the company back in 2012, take over the lead of Search, Assistant and Maps. Now, sources familiar with the hiring tell us, the company has hired Christopher Phillips, who was previously the chief product and technology officer at SiriusXM, to lead its geo team.

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Menlo Micro launches industry’s first 40 Gbps DPDT Differential Switch for high-speed Switching Applications


Menlo Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Micro), known for reinventing the electronic switch with its Ideal Switch technology, has announced a new double-pole/ double-throw (DPDT) switch providing the industry’s highest performance and data rates for high-speed differential switching applications.

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Edge AI chipset developer raises $80M [Video]

Sima AI, a company developing embedded edge hardware for machine learning applications, today announced that it raised $80 million in a series B round led by Fidelity Management & Research Company. The startup says that the funds will be used to commercialize its first-generation system-on-a-chip product, as well as to jumpstart development of its second-generation product’s architecture and supports’s go-to-market, customer success, and hiring initiatives globally.

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12 No-Code Platforms for some DIY Machine Learning

Top 12 No-Code AI Platforms for Machine Learning

Enter the no-code machine learning movement. Only 25% of organizations are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their businesses today. Why? Custom AI-enabled solutions are expensive to build, as talented data scientists are a hot commodity today and don’t come cheap. Top performers can easily command over $250,000 in annual salary, which seriously makes us question the money we wasted invested in getting our MBAs. Not to mention, it can take months or even years to implement. CTOs are understandably suspicious of the latest buzzword du jour, so you need to show results fast.

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Splice gets $55 million for its software bringing beats from bedrooms to bandstands

Steve Martocci Splice

Splice, the New York-based, AI-infused, beat-making software service for music producers created by the founder of GroupMe, has managed to sample another $55 million in financing from investors for its wildly popular service.

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AI at the speed of Light

LED Bulb

There’s a reason why most of the talk about artificial intelligence is around its potential instead of its accomplishments. To function at peak levels it often needs more computing power than current technology can deliver. Too much data is needed too quickly for its operations to run smoothly. This is why so many AI programs are stuck in the ‘research’ or ‘development’ phase. The present just can’t keep up with the future.

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Neo-Darwinistic concepts of chance and time through the Lens of AI

Ocean coral

If evolution is a computing problem, how has nature solved it? Furthermore, how is it related to AI, the culmination of computing? According to Neo-Darwinism, or the modern synthesis of Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory of the origin of life, nature has taken blind chances over a lengthy period of time in selecting variations among genetic mutations. In this article, I attempt to study the Neo-Darwinistic concepts of chance and time through the lens of AI and computing in general. You will find it intriguing how AI connects evolution, one of the most impactful scientific thoughts, to P vs. NP (Aaronson, 2016), one of the most important open problems in computing.

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Deep Science: Using machine learning to study anatomy, weather and earthquakes

Research papers come out far too rapidly for anyone to read them all, especially in the field of machine learning, which now affects (and produces papers in) practically every industry and company. This column aims to collect the most relevant recent discoveries and papers — particularly in but not limited to artificial intelligence — and explain why they matter.

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AIOps uses AI, automation to boost security

When the 2020 coronavirus pandemic… Siemens USA was prepared to protect its newly remote workforce and identify and repel potential data breaches. It turned to AIOps—artificial intelligence for IT operations—and a specialized security system to immediately secure and monitor 95% of its 400,000 PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and other interfaces used by employees regardless of where they were using them.

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