Adobe extends AI-infused customer analytics platform to offline data

Adobe analytics platform

Adobe today unfurled an enhanced Adobe Customer Journey Analytics cloud service that enables organizations to apply AI to data from both online and offline sources to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. Available as an extension to the Adobe Experience Platform, the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics service extends the analytics capabilities based on its Sensei AI platform that is already widely employed to track online engagements into the realm of data collected offline.

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Customer Journey-based Segmentation for Marketplaces

Lifeguards on the beach

It is very likely that you have come across the concept called ‘Know Your Audience’ once in a while. It is a crucial approach used by most businesses to identify different customer groups and their respective needs. The importance of the concept for a business is all about being capable of understanding and reaching customers better. This enables businesses to deliver their contents and messages to customers in a more efficient and personalised way..

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The impact of AI Transformers on the customer experience

Impact of AI transformers

I have spent the last few weeks understanding the impact of a great revolution in the world of Artificial Intelligence and NLP on the customer experience. Not from a purely technical point of view, but trying to estimate the competitive advantage that this new approach can generate. We are facing yet another disruptive innovation, and it can bring significant advantages, let’s try to find out which ones.

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