Untether completes $125 million Funding round

Untether AI

Canadian data center AI chip startup Untether has completed a $125-million round of funding led by Tracker Capital Management, and co-led by Intel Capital with participation from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Radical Ventures. As part of the funding round, Tracker Capital senior advisor Shaygan Kheradpir will join Untether’s board of directors.

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Intel CEO Gelsinger makes Exec changes, revamps AI and Data Center, Network and Edge Groups

Intel sign

Four months after taking over the reins of Intel Corp., CEO Pat Gelsinger has announced a string of executive leadership changes as he works to shake things up inside a company that leads its marketplace but could use a boost in energy.

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SambaNova CEO: Pre- to post-AI transition will be ‘bigger than the Internet’

SambaNova systems

Why are SambaNova and its competitors in the data center AI space attracting such huge amounts of funding? Is it required to get the product right, does it take this amount of resources to go up against the incumbents, or does it simply reflect investors’ view of the market opportunity?

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Making a case for Serverless Machine Learning

The scale and complexity of machine learning make it hard to provide and manage data and resources efficiently. This hinders and decreases productivity. The easiest way to approach the problem is serverless machine learning. It is an excellent solution to the problem of data center resource management. Machine learning users face several daunting challenges that have a significant impact on their productivity and efficiency.

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AI startups plateau, AI SoCs soar, and the Edge diverges

Semiconductor market growth

While the tech industry continues to tout a “renaissance” of artificial intelligence, the number of AI chip startups has begun to plateau. AI startups are finding that the entry barriers to datacenters, once a promising market, are high — perhaps prohibitively so. Their problem traces to hyperscalers such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook now developing their own AI processors and accelerators that fit their specific needs.

To be clear, machine learning (ML) continues to advance. More variations of neural networks are popping up. AI is becoming intrinsic to every electronics system.

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The pros and cons of Edge Computing

Edge computing, a process in which computing happens on local servers and devices “on the edge” of the network instead of on distant cloud data centers. Despite its growing popularity and accessibility, is edge computing an enduring solution for efficient and accurate data processing? Read some of the pros and cons.

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