How Pinterest built a more representative shopping experience with AI

Pintrest AI shopping experience

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality can work hand in hand to support innovations that can change the shopping and advertising game. Pinterest combined artificial intelligence with augmented reality and incorporated diversity and inclusion in a way that helped the company’s bottom line, Jeremy King, head of engineering at Pinterest, said in a conversation with Matt Marshall, founder and CEO of VentureBeat, at the Transform 2021 virtual conference.

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[Interview] Why Redfin’s CTO, Bridget Frey, approaches D&I like an engineering project

Redfin - CTO Bridget Frey

Leaders in the AI industry who make diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) a central tenet of their work. Among them is Bridget Frey, CTO of Redfin. She’ll be speaking at Transform this year about how she works to build diverse and inclusive teams at the company, and the potential for AI to combat redlining and diversify American neighborhoods.

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