Global economic impact of AI: Facts and figures

AI global economic impact

Wall Street, venture capitalists, technology executives, data scientists — all have important reasons to understand the growth and opportunity in the artificial intelligence market to access business growth and opportunities. This gives them insights on funds invested in AI and analytics as well potential revenue growth and turnover. Indeed, the growth of AI, continuing research, development of easier open source libraries and applications in small to large scale industries are sure to revolutionize the industry the next two decades and the impact is getting felt in almost all the countries worldwide.

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[eBook] Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

Discover what hundreds of senior executive survey respondents from around the world think about artificial intelligence and how its use transforms industries. Read the Microsoft-sponsored report from The Economist Intelligence Unit to learn how people are using AI to make the production and distribution of goods and services more intelligent.

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YaleNews: Machine learning: Economics and computer science converge

Economics and computer science

Philipp Strack, CSEC’s inaugural director of undergraduate studies, is comfortable straddling multiple disciplines. With an academic background in economics and mathematics, his research reflects this broad and interdisciplinary outlook — ranging from behavioral economics and neuroscience to auction design, market design, optimization, and pure probability theory.

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How innovation is AI’s nuclear button

Ask any historian and they will tell you that technology and innovation is the pinnacle and trademark symbol of mankind. Civilisation as we know arrived due to impressive irrigation, “urban development, social stratification, a form of government, and symbolic systems of communication.” All invented through the name of smart human thinking, in order words innovations and inventions.

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An Economist’s value in Data Science

Starting out as a data scientist, I struggled to understand the value economics brings. Now that I understand that data science is far more than knowing how to code… This article is an effort to help economists explain the value they can bring to machine learning roles, as well as help non-economists in data science understand what an economist can bring to the table.

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