Deeplite raises $6M seed to deploy ML on edge with fewer compute resources


Today, the company announced a $6 million seed investment. Boston-based venture capital firm PJC led the round with help from Innospark Ventures, Differential Ventures and Smart Global Holdings. Somel Investments, BDC Capital and Desjardins Capital also participated.

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The pros and cons of Edge Computing

Edge computing, a process in which computing happens on local servers and devices “on the edge” of the network instead of on distant cloud data centers. Despite its growing popularity and accessibility, is edge computing an enduring solution for efficient and accurate data processing? Read some of the pros and cons.

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Edge computing orchestration startup Zededa raises $12.5M


Edge virtualization startup Zededa today announced it has raised $12.5 million in an oversubscribed extension to its series A round. The company says the funding will be used to bolster its customer acquisition efforts as it continues to expand the size of its workforce.

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How the Open Edge is driving Digital Transformation

State of the Edge To understand and foster better practices across businesses and the technology industry, the Linux Foundation created the LF Edge in 2019 and rolled the State of the Edge into it last year. State of the Edge is a vendor-neutral platform for open research on edge computing that is dedicated to accelerating innovation by crowdsourcing a shared vocabulary for edge.

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Edge AI: Framework for Rapid Prototyping and Deployment

Edge framework

According to a report by Market and Markets (Markets & Markets, 2020), “the global Edge AI software market size is expected to grow to USD 1835 million by 2026”. Similarly, a report by 360 Research Reports (360 Research, 2019) estimates that “the global Edge AI Software market size will reach US$ 1087.7 million by 2024”.

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IBM’s Rob Thomas details key AI trends in shift to hybrid cloud

Rob Thomas

The last year has seen a major spike in the adoption of AI models in production environments, in part driven by the need to drive digital business transformation initiatives. While it’s still early days as far as AI is concerned, it’s also clear AI in the enterprise is entering a new phase. Rob Thomas, senior vice president for software, cloud, and data platform at IBM, explains to VentureBeat how this next era of AI will evolve as hybrid cloud computing becomes the new norm in the enterprise.

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State of the Edge report projects edge computing will reach $800B by 2028

State of the Edge report

A battle for control over edge computing environments is expected to drive a total of $800 billion in spending through 2028, according to a report published today by the LF Edge arm of the Linux Foundation. The State of the Edge report is based on analysis of the potential growth of edge infrastructure from the bottom up across multiple sectors modeled by Tolaga Research. The forecast evaluates 43 use cases spanning 11 vertical industries.

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How Edge AI Chipsets Will Make AI Tasks More Efficient

AI Chip

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovation powerhouse. It autonomously learns on its own and evolves to meet simple and complex needs, from product recommendations to business predictions. As more people and services produce data, more powerful AI is necessary to process it all. AI chipsets that use edge computing are the solution.

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Microsoft, HPE Bringing AI, Edge, Cloud to earth Orbit in preparation for Mars missions

Space Station

The International Space Station will soon get a delivery of powerful AI, edge and cloud computing tools from HPE and Microsoft Azure to expand technology experiments aimed at preparing NASA for launching future crewed exploratory missions to Mars. The new equipment and software, including HPE’s specialized, second-generation Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2), will mark the first time that broad AI and edge computing capabilities will be available to researchers on the space station, Tom Keane, Microsoft’s vice president of Azure Global, wrote in a Feb. 11 post on the Azure blog.

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AIStorm raises $16 million for low-powered AI edge computing chips

AIStorm, an AI startup developing chipsets that can directly process data from devices, has raised $16 million. The company says the funding will enable it to scale manufacturing to deploy its hardware for devices like handsets, notebooks, smart speakers, remote controls, TVs, earbuds, IoT, and wearables and for transport applications.

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AI/ML Model Development Platform for Embedded MCU IoT Edge Gateway

As billions of devices getting connected to the Internet is not a distant reality anymore, there are more and more number of intelligent gateways needed to act as a backbone of complex infrastructure for internet-of-things (IoT). Need for more gateways are increasing which could work on low power in constrained environments as well as having capability to process as much data as possible, also termed as edge gateway.

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Silicon Valley execs and Pentagon AI Chief talk AI at the edge

Silicon Valley execs and Pentagon AI chief talk AI at the edge

When considering transformational ways to use computer vision on the edge in devices like robots, drones, cameras, and other devices, Booz Allen Hamilton VP Josh Sullivan advises caution, urging people to take security seriously on what’s become a whole new attack vector.

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