Finally, Tech Giants are turning down Unethical AI Projects

Tech giants

The pros of artificial intelligence technology have always been followed up with the cons of leveraging these technologies. With the launch of every new system that requires users to share personal and biometric data, a school of thought has emerged voicing the ethical and privacy concerns of using the systems. A recent investigative report by Reuters sheds light on how the three US tech giants — Google, IBM and Microsoft — have been resisting and turning down projects on account of ethics concerns. 

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The future of American democracy hinges on ethical AI

Democracy & AI Ethics

Earlier this summer, the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Task Force released a request for information (RFI) on how to build an implementation roadmap for a shared AI research infrastructure. Along with requests for ideas on how to own and implement this agenda, it requested guidance on how to best ensure that privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights are protected going forward. To accomplish this objective, values-based ethical reasoning education and training resources must be at the core of the Task Force’s strategy.

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Ethical AI Standards: A Process Approach

Human virtual handshake

Ethics alone is quite the messy topic. It permeates nearly every conceivable facet of our existence. From our day-to-day interactions with others, to our treatment of public property, to the policies enacted in the political landscape and indeed the social demands we place on companies. It seems on every level of our existence we have certain demands, needs, and expectations. With any new technology, we must take due care to set guidelines.

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DeepMind scientist calls for ethical AI as Google faces ongoing backlash

Human vs Machine

Raia Hadsell, a research scientist at Google DeepMind, believes “responsible AI is a job for all.” That was her thesis during a talk today at the virtual Lesbians Who Tech Pride Summit, where she dove into the issues currently plaguing the field and the actions she feels are required to ensure AI is ethically developed and deployed. “AI is going to change our world in the years to come. But because it is such a powerful technology, we have to be aware of the inherent risks that will come with those benefits, especially those that can lead to bias, harm, or widening social inequity,” she said. “I hope we can come together as a community to build AI responsibly.”

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How stakeholder capitalism and AI ethics go hand in hand

Stakeholder capitalism

At a 2020 meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff declared that “capitalism as we have known it is dead.” In its place now is stakeholder capitalism, a form of capitalism that has been spearheaded by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, over the past 50 years. As Benioff put it, stakeholder capitalism is “a more fair, a more just, a more equitable, a more sustainable way of doing business that values all stakeholders, as well as all shareholders.”

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Google employee group urges Congress to strengthen whistleblower protections for AI researchers

Google’s decision to fire its AI ethics leaders is a matter of “urgent public concern” that merits strengthening laws to protect AI researchers and tech workers who want to act as whistleblowers. That’s according to a letter published by Google employees today in support of the Ethical AI team at Google and former co-leads Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, who Google fired two weeks ago and in December 2020, respectively.

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How to create space for ethics in AI

In a year that has seen decades’ worth of global shocks, bad news, and scandals squeezed into 12 excruciatingly long months, the summer already feels like a distant memory. In August 2020, the world was in the throes of a major social and racial justice movement, and I argued hopefully that the term “ethical AI” was finally starting to mean something. It was not the observation of a disinterested observer but an optimistic vision for coalescing the ethical AI community around notions of power, justice, and structural change. Yet in the intervening months it has proven to be, at best, an overly simplistic vision, and at worst, a naive one.

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