YC-backed Abacum nets $7M to empower finance teams with real-time data and collaboration tools


SaaS to support mid-sized companies’ financial planning with real-time data and native collaboration isn’t the sexiest startup pitch under the sun but it’s one that’s swiftly netted Abacum a bunch of notable backers — including Creandum, which is leading a $7M seed round that’s being announced today.

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Auditoria raises $15.5M to expand AI platform automating repetitive accounting tasks

Auditoria AI

Auditoria, a startup offering AI-driven automation products for corporate finance teams, today announced that it raised $15.5 million in series A funding. Cofounder and CEO Rohit Gupta says that the proceeds will shore up Auditoria’s investments in data science and the expansion of its sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

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Feedzai raises $200M at a $1B+ valuation for AI tools to fight financial fraud


On the heels of Jumio announcing a $150 million injection this week to continue building out its AI-based ID verification and anti-money laundering platform, another startup in the space is levelling up. Feedzai, which provides banks, others in the financial sector, and any company managing payments online with AI tools to spot and fight fraud — has announced a Series D of $200 million. It said that the new financing is being made at a valuation of over $1 billion.

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IBM lauding 40 distinguished Women in AI around the globe for 2021

Women in AI

IBM has named 40 distinguished female technologists to its 2021 Women Leaders in AI list, which highlights women in business who are using IBM Watson to drive AI innovation across companies around the globe. The list, which is part of IBM’s three-year-old Women Leaders in AI Program, includes…

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In 2021, Machine Learning is set to Transform these 5 Industries

Brain graphic

Machine learning is enabling a smooth shift in this COVID-19 struck world. Machine learning is one of the most used technologies in this generation. It has varied capabilities that can transform businesses across industries for the better. From being considered as a niche technology, machine learning is now seeing an increased adoption within companies in all sectors.

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Measuring the Bull & Bear power to generate Trading Signals — A Python back-test

Trade cycle

There are many methods to measure who is in control, bulls or bears, and among those methods is Elder Ray’s Bull Bear Power Indicator where it uses simple formulas to approximate this implied technical strength. In this article, we will code and back-test the indicator and then judge it from an objective point of view.

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Docyt raises $1.5M for its ML-based accounting automation platform


Accounting isn’t a topic that most people can get excited about — probably not even most accountants. But if you’re running any kind of business, there’s just no way around it. Santa Clara-based Docyt wants to make the life of small and medium business owners (and their accounting firms) a bit easier by using machine […]

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Foresite Capital raises $969 million fund to invest in healthcare startups across all stages of growth

Foresight Healthcare

Health and life science specialist investment firm Foresite Capital has raised a new fund, its fifth to date, totally $969 million in commitments from LPs. This is the firm’s largest fund to date, and was oversubscribed relative to its original target according to fund CEO and founder Dr. Jim Tananbaum, who told me that while […]

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How to encode Time-Series into Images for Financial Forecasting using Convolutional Neural Networks

Within forecasting there’s an age old question, ‘is what I am looking at a trend?’ Within the realm of statistics there are many tools that, with various degrees of success, answer said question. Yet, no approach has been able to achieve that which started the field of data forecasting in the first place. Looking at a graph derived from the data and drawing conclusions from it. However, thanks to Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks that is about to change. Welcome Computer Vision!

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Using Exponential Smoothing in Algorithmic Trading

Trading board

Smoothing or averaging is a form of noise reduction and traders use to get a clearer picture on the trend or on extreme moves. The Stochastic Oscillator is known to have a signal line called the %D where a simple moving average is applied to the Stochastic formula so that it smoothes it out. In this article, we will create a Stochastic Oscillator entirely made out of exponential moving averages.

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Tesla is profitable, but its total Debt is nearly $28 Billion: Can they recover?

EV Charging Point

The CFO says reducing debt is the priority right now. Tesla’s 2020 operating position seems impossible to fault: annual revenue tops $30 billion and first annual profit ($720 million); annual deliveries of new vehicles approximately equal to the sum of previous historical deliveries (499,000); available capacity nears one million vehicles per year.

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The Pendulum Indicator for Range Trading – a Python study

Developing & Back-testing a New Indicator Using Range and Volatility. Contrarian indicators are numerous and there are unlimited ways to construct such indicators. The issue is profitability, consistency, and signal frequency. The first one is obviously related to an indicator that provides quality signals around market inflection points. It can never be accurate but if on average the good signals are slightly more than the bad ones, then with proper risk management, a good trading system can be created.

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Big Data, AI & Banking 4.0

Device with Use Statistics

Gone are the days of manual transactions. Adoption of computers scaled the capabilities of banking institutions. Thanks to computers, banks could handle millions of transactions very efficiently and quickly. Digital transactions were easy to store and retrieve. As computing technologies evolved, newer methods of banking got introduced. This led to generation of new digital banking services.

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How can the public sector use AI to identify fraud?

Wallet and cash

Accountability and transparency are essential for public sector audits. The public sector is under a watchful eye to ensure finances are being managed ethically and appropriately, whilst also being responsible for providing early warnings of financial pressures or failures. Due to COVID measures, there is currently a huge volume of funds being distributed to individuals…

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A simple technique to Enhance Trading Decisions

Exploiting Lookback Periods to Have a Wider Look at Momentum. The famous Relative Strength Index is used commonly by retail and institutional traders to understand where do we stand momentum-wise. The choice between lookback period makes the task even more difficult and longer. Which one is better? We do not have to answer that question as we can develop a solution that gives us multiple answers as we will see in the article.

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Could Machine Learning have predicted GameStop Madness?

Trading chart

I doubt very much that by today you still don’t know anything about what happened the last few days with GameStop. But, let’s say you don’t. That’s no problem, besides some headlines, I didn’t either. Like any other disinformed person, I decided to read some articles to understand what was going on. After further investigation, I was shocked by the phenomenon’s name. A new term has arisen: “Meme Stock”.

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Statistical Analysis on Technical Indicators. Taking Trading to a Higher Level.

Trading Chart

We tend to use technical indicators as they come and follow the already established rules and conditions. However, we forget that we have tools and methods to analyze any type of time series that comes across our way. It is true that technical indicators are price-derived but that should not stop us from analyzing them for patterns and any statistical anomalies that we may encounter and use in our trading framework. In this article…

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LeoCare raises $18.1 million for its insurance products designed to fit in a mobile app

French startup LeoCare has raised a €15 million funding round. Felix Capital, Ventech and Daphni are participating in today’s funding round. The company is selling a portfolio of insurance products with a focus on the signup process and user experience. You can control your insurance products from a mobile app.

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