The inevitable symbiosis of Cybersecurity and AI

While improvements in AI and Deep Learning move forward at an ever increasingly rapid rate, people have started to ask questions. Questions about jobs being made obsolete, questions about the inherent biases programmed into the neural networks, questions about whether or not AI will eventually consider humans as dead-weight and unnecessary to achieve the goals they’ve been tasked programmed with.

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The Work of the Future – Building better jobs in an age of Intelligent Machines

Three years ago, robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-driving cars seemed to be coming fast. A widely cited study projected nearly half of all jobs in industrialized countries could soon be performed by robots or AI. One beer advertisement showed robots gleefully surpassing humans in running, bicycling, and golfing, but ended with a robot gazing wistfully through a window at people socializing in a bar. Humans would soon be outcompeted in every arena except social drinking, this ad seemed to say.

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The World Economic Forum: Future of Jobs Report 2020

The Future of Jobs Report 2020 is an insight into future job opportunities and the skills needed for these jobs. The report discusses the current state of the labor market in the pandemic economy, the future of the labor market for the next five years, and the pathway to reviving it. We take a brief look at its impact and the role of humans, machines and algorithms.

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11 Awesome (and Worrisome) Applications of AI

AI uses

For years AI was touted to be the next big technology. Expected to revolutionize the job industry and effectively kill millions of human jobs. Despite this, its adoption has been increasingly well-received, not surprising given its vast range of use cases. Here are some of the most notable.

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Getting the best from your most valued asset – your people

Getting the best from your most valued asset

A diagnostic look at the part played by AI in developing your most critical of assets, ‘your people’. Understand the impact of AI in the areas of recruitment, personality, training, development and succession. Developing the capability of today, the leaders of tomorrow and getting the best from your most valued asset.

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