Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Will Inevitably Merge


It was philosopher Hubert Dreyfus who first attacked the notions behind the PSS hypothesis. In his 1972 book What Computers Can’t Do, he highlighted a key difference between human intelligence and early, symbolic AI. He argued that a good part of human knowledge is tacit knowledge — know-how experiential knowledge.

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World’s fastest AI Supercomputer ‘Perlmutter’ is online

Perlmutter super computer

Dubbed as ‘Perlmutter’ — it is named after astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter with a processing capacity of 6,144 NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and will be tasked with stitching together the largest ever 3D map of the visible universe, among other projects. According to the press release, Perlmutter will deliver nearly four exaflops of AI performance for more than 7,000 researchers.

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AI-powered autocomplete for Code? Microsoft and GPT-3 have you covered

AI powered autocomplete for code

Last year, Microsoft expanded its partnership with OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research firm based in San Francisco. Here’s the kicker: Microsoft now has access to an exclusive license to the GPT-3 language model. If you’ve seen AI-written articles or the text-based adventure game that flexes its AI chops, you know that this merits a second look.

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Helen Keller, thinking tools, and the future of AI

Future of Humans and AI

Helen Keller was born a healthy baby on 27 July 1880. When she was nineteen months old, an unknown illness made her deaf and blind. The next five years were full of frustrations. Helen wrote that she could not “truly remember emotions [but] had tactual memory of shedding tears, screaming, kicking, and other acts which indicate feeling. Yet in no case can I recall emotions as such.”

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An AI-based Cybersecurity system that tricks adversaries & protects data

Cybersecurity researchers at the Dartmouth University have developed a new data protection system that uses artificial intelligence to build on the canary trap concept. Dubbed as ‘WE-FORGE’, the AI Cybersecurity system automatically creates false documents to protect intellectual property from nefarious players.

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NASA & SpaceX are building a Moonbase

Artemis program

Nasa is going back to the Moon! But this time, things will be a little different, not just because they are building a lunar base, but also because they are commissioning private companies like SpaceX to build and supply it. The base itself is also an utterly ground breaking piece of space infrastructure that will develop tech that could, one day, open up lunar industries, Martian missions and even crewed missions to other celestial bodies. Welcome to the Artemis program, NASA’s bid to win our new-era space race.

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How will Laboratories look and operate after COVID-19?

Group of people in a lab

The pandemic has fuelled a wave of digitalisation within research and development, with many laboratories adapting to the new way of working by implementing digital software and technology that facilitate remote work.
The disruptive technologies that characterise Laboratory 4.0, from basic connectivity of documentation to automation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), have the potential to radically transform the laboratory environment, enabling scientists to work smarter, not harder.

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Is AI destroying equality?

Two huge things went wrong in the internet era: lack of inclusion and lack of impartiality. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that in less than 24 hours, Microsoft’s AI bot Tay began tweeting racist and inflammatory statements, and Google’s deep learning platform misidentified gorillas and dark-skinned people in pictures. Against this background, it does not appear very reasonable to leave it up to companies to define the values implemented in AI applications.

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5 ways Artificial Intelligence will forever change the Battlefield

Fighter Jet

Anyone with a wet finger in the air has by now heard that Google is facing an identity crisis because of its links to the American military. To crudely summarise, Google chose not to renew its “Project Maven” contract to provide artificial intelligence (A.I) capabilities to the U.S. Department of Defense after employee dissent reached a boiling point.

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Future Tech: Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity

In this new series Future Tech, I pick a topic about the future in technology and discuss my thoughts and opinions on what we might experience. This weeks topic is Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity. How will AI impact the evolution of humans and what marvels of science and technology will the Singularity bring when AI becomes a billion times more intelligent the entire history of humankind?

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Why Deep Reinforcement Learning is the future of Automated Trading?

Devising a winning stock trading strategy isn’t easy considering the market dynamism in general. However, if we were to create an airtight automated trading strategy that categorizes hedge funds and investment companies based on the return-to-risk ratio, it would be necessary to rely on the concepts of return maximization. Then again, assessing return maximization in the dynamic and complex stock and even the Forex market is next to impossible unless there is a DRL-backed trading strategy to rely on.

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