Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Casino Gaming

Casino blackjack table

You’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence but can it really be used in the casino business? After all, doesn’t the casino already have a house edge? Now that the pandemic has happened, and casinos throughout both Europe and the US are facing fiscal challenges, many casino operators are looking to Artificial Intelligence to ensure the casino remains in the black.

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Achieving super-human performance in QWOP using Reinforcement Learning and Imitation Learning

Human Performance

QWOP is a simple running game where the player controls a ragdoll’s lower body joints with 4 buttons. The game is surprisingly difficult and shows the complexity of human locomotion. Using machine learning techniques, I was able to train an AI bot to run like a human and achieve a finish time of 47 seconds, a new world record. This article walks through the general approach as well as the training process. Huge thanks to Kurodo (@cld_el), one of the world’s top speedrunners, for donating encoded game recordings to help train the agent.

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AI-Upscaled 240p games have never looked this good

NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 tech makes gaming even more accessible. Picture this. An impossibly polished next-gen game running on an excuse of a gaming rig with all the bells and whistles intact. At remarkable frame rates, no less. While it sounds like a pipe dream that is clogged by the fact that most run-of-the-mill hardware just isn’t good enough for these games, NVIDIA’s focus on the high-end ended up giving PC peasants a boon in the process.

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AI is fostering in a new era of Video Game development

AI in video game development

As technology grows and evolves, the gaming industry evolves with it. The next will come from one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time: artificial intelligence. This article will explain how AI is already changing the video game industry and how it is going to strongly affect the industry in years to come. 

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