Annual index finds AI is ‘industrializing’ but needs better metrics and testing

Geographical published AI strategies

The 2021 AI Index from Stanford University gathers data about AI research, startups, and changes to business and government policy.

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Google is changing its paper review process following internal revolt


Google is making changes to how it reviews papers following an internal revolt over the company’s controversial practices. Leading AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru was fired from Google in December last year after sending an email to colleagues which criticised the company’s practices. Gebru claims Google blocks the publication of papers that may cause criticism […]

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Artificial Intelligence in the Corporate Boardroom

AI Board room

Alphabet, the parent company of Google GOOG -0.8%, is the leading tech company that decided to invest a lot of resources and funding in artificial intelligence. So much so, that the WSJ recently announced that AI is central to Google’s future. Not surprisingly, Google has been dealing with different challenges concerning its top AI executives and researchers. Activists shareholders are also showing interest in this. Recently, there is a rise in shareholder proposals calling on boards to ensure proper AI governance. 

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Google AI, DeepMind and the University of Toronto introduce DreamerV2


It is the first Reinforcement Learning (RL) agent based on the world model to attain human-level success on the Atari benchmark. It includes the second generation of the Dreamer agent who learns behaviors entirely within a world model’s latent space […]

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Google’s Model Search automatically optimizes and identifies AI models

Google Building

Google today announced the release of Model Search, an open source platform designed to help researchers develop machine learning models efficiently and automatically. Instead of focusing on a specific domain, Google says that Model Search is domain-agnostic, making it capable of finding a model architecture that fits a dataset and problem while minimizing coding time and compute resources.

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Is Google’s AI research about to implode?

Platform game

What does Timnit Gebru’s firing and the recent papers coming out of Google tell us about the state of research at the world’s biggest AI research department. The high point for Google’s research in to Artifical Intelligence may well turn out to be the 19th of October 2017. This was the date that David Silver and his co-workers at DeepMind published a report, in the journal Nature, showing how their deep-learning algorithm AlphaGo Zero was a better Go player than not only the best human in the world, but all other Go-playing computers.

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Google’s new AI ethics lead calls for more ‘diplomatic’ conversation

Marian Croak

Following months of inner conflict and opposition from Congress and thousands of Google employees, Google today announced that it will reorganize its AI ethics operations and place them in the hands of VP Marian Croak, who will lead a new responsible AI research and engineering center for expertise.

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Google is leaking AI talent following ethicist’s controversial firing

Leaking tap

Some high-profile AI experts have departed Google after the controversial firing of leading ethicist Timnit Gebru. Gebru was fired from Google after criticising the company’s practices in an email following a dispute over a paper she was told not to publish which questioned whether language models can be too big and whether they can increase…

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IBM quantum computing development roadmap envisions applications running 100 times faster

IBM believes it has an achievable timetable to advance its quantum hardware to reach the power and reliability that will allow for commercial applications within 5 years. The challenge then is enabling the tools and the environment to let companies and developers start experimenting with writing the applications that will allow them to harness this power.

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Avaya expands its alliance with Google for AI for contact centers

Avaya has extended the capabilities of its contact center platforms to include an enhanced version of Google Cloud Dialogflow CX that can be employed to create virtual agents infused with AI capabilities that can verbally interact with customers.

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Researchers create new model to evaluate AI-generated navigation instructions

A burgeoning subfield of AI focuses on leveraging models to improve the performance of robots that follow instructions given by people. These models generate directions (e.g., “Walk up the stairs and enter the first room on the left”) that ostensibly improve robots’ navigation performance in simulated and real-world environments. But a study coauthored by Google researchers finds that the models perform only slightly better than template-based techniques that don’t rely on AI.

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Six times bigger than GPT-3: Inside Google’s TRILLION parameter switch transformer model

Six Times Bigger than GPT-3: Inside Google’s TRILLION Parameter Switch Transformer Model. OpenAI’s GPT-3 is, arguably , the most famous deep learning models created in the last few years. One of the things that impresses the most about GPT-3 is its size. In some context, GPT-3 is nothing but GPT-2 with a lot of more parameters. With 175 billion parameters, GPT-3 was about four times bigger than its largest predecessor.

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Let’s make Artificial Intelligence a greater force in 2021

A year ago, none the wiser about what 2020 would bring, I reflected on the pivotal moment that the AI community was in. The previous year had seen a series of high-profile automated failures, like self-driving-car crashes and discriminatory recruiting tools. Later on, the field responded with more talk of AI ethics than ever before. But talk, I said, was not enough. We needed to take tangible actions. Two months later, the coronavirus shut down the world.

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Google Meet adds Real-Time Transcription from Voice Tech Startup

Otter AI and Google Meet

Google Meet conferences can now add real-time transcriptions and captions using’s new Live Notes and Video Captions Google Chrome extensions, respectively. The free Otter’s speech-to-text technology is part of Google’s efforts to capture a bigger segment of the enterprise videoconferencing market as it explodes in the wake of the global pandemic, including the approximately 100 million daily users of Google Meet.

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Google’s AI ethics flap widens

Google’s AI ethics mess continues to spread, with reports this week that the company is investigating a second AI ethicist for scanning company files in search of examples of discriminatory treatment of ousted Google researcher Timnit Gebru.

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Google targets AI ethics lead Margaret Mitchell after firing Timnit Gebru

Google has revoked Ethical AI team leader Margaret “Meg” Mitchell’s employee privileges and is currently investigating her activity, according to a statement provided by a company spokesperson. Should Google fire Mitchell, it will mean the company has effectively chosen to behead its own AI ethics team in under two months.

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Google launches suite of AI-powered solutions for retailers

Fashion and AI

Google today announced the launch of Product Discovery Solutions for Retail, a suite of services deigned to enhance retailers’ ecommerce capabilities and help them deliver personalized customer experiences. Product Discovery Solutions for Retail brings together AI algorithms and a search service, Cloud Search for Retail, that leverages Google Search technology to power retailers’ product-finding tools.

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Google trained a trillion-parameter AI language model

Parameters are the key to machine learning algorithms. They’re the part of the model that’s learned from historical training data. Generally speaking, in the language domain, the correlation between the number of parameters and sophistication has held up remarkably well. For example, OpenAI’s GPT-3 — one of the largest language models ever trained, at 175 billion parameters — can make primitive analogies, generate recipes, and even complete basic code.

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