Impact of Robotic Technology on Healthcare Industry

Robot Healthcare

The whole idea of robots in hospitals is not new for healthcare professionals. The idea of using robotic technologies in healthcare evolved in 1985. It started when healthcare planned to transform robots into precise machinery for surgery. “The idea came into reality in early 2000 with the invention of the DaVinci robot. Hospital management software and robotic technologies are proof of how technologies have evolved.” According to research conducted by Credence, the global market of medical robotics will grow to USD 20 billion by 2023.  

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Insightin Health raises $12 million for AI that uses big data to guide patients’ decisions

HP Health

Insightin Health, a company delivering personalized health care experiences for members, today announced it has raised $12 million. A spokesperson told VentureBeat the round will support Insightin Health’s plan to bring on more plan providers that service primarily Medicare, Medicaid, and accountable care organization members.

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Garner raises $12 million to match employees with ‘high-performing’ doctors

Man holding model heart

Garner Health, a platform that uses metrics and data to match employers and employees with doctors, today announced that it raised $12 million. The company says the proceeds will be put toward customer acquisition and the expansion of its team as Garner looks to further develop its cloud-hosted products.

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New self-supervised AI models scan X-rays to predict prognosis of COVID-19 patients

x-ray image

Researchers from Facebook and NYU Langone Health have created AI models that scan X-rays to predict how a COVID-19 patient’s condition will develop. The team says that their system can forecast whether a patient may need more intensive care resources up to four days in advance. They believe hospitals could use it to anticipate demand for resources and avoid sending at-risk patients home too early.

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Telehealth startup NeuroFlow raises $20 million to expand its network of care providers

NeuroFlow, a digital health company combining workflow automation, patient engagement solutions and services, and applied AI to promote behavioral health, today announced it raised $20 million in a round led by Magellan Health. NeuroFlow says it will use the series B funds to scale its operations and support its growth in data analytics, AI, and direct health record integrations.

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Former NHS surgeon creates AI ‘virtual patient’ for remote training

A former NHS surgeon has created an AI-powered “virtual patient” which helps to keep skills sharp during a time when most in-person training is on hold. Dr Alex Young is a trained orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who founded Virti and set out to use emerging technologies to provide immersive training for both new healthcare professionals… Read more »
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ENvizion is a “Waze for feeding tubes,” and here’s why that’s important in a post-COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, but quite often, we don’t think of the consequences for those people that contract it. Intending to change this situation forever, ENvizion has created what can be described, since the company was founded in Israel, as the “Waze of feeding tubes.”

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IBM’s latest AI predicts Alzheimer’s better than standard tests

IBM has developed a new AI model which predicts the onset of Alzheimer’s better than standard clinical tests. The AI is designed to be non-invasive and uses a short language sample from a verbal cognitive test given to a patient. Using this sample, the AI model is able to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s with…

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GTC 2020: Using AI to help put COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror

This year’s GTC is Nvidia’s biggest event yet, but – like the rest of the world – it’s had to adapt to the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in. Huang swapped his usual big stage for nine clips with such exotic backdrops as his kitchen. AI is helping with COVID-19 research around the world… Read more »
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GTC 2020: Nvidia doubles-down on its UK AI investments

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, has kicked off the company’s annual GTC conference with a series of AI announcements—including a doubling-down of its UK investments. NVIDIA is investing heavily in the UK’s accelerating AI sector. The company announced its acquisition of legendary semiconductor giant Arm for $40 billion back in September along with the promise… Read more »
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