IBM launches AI Starter Kit to deploy ML Models faster (with Video)


IBM recently launched a new machine learning, end-to-end pipeline starter kit to help developers and data scientists to build machine learning applications and deploy them quickly in a cloud-native environment. The starter kit is part of the IBM Cloud-Native Toolkit–an open-source collection of assets that provide an environment for developing cloud-native applications for deployment within Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. Assets created with the Cloud-Native Toolkit can be deployed in any cloud or hybrid cloud environment. 

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[Paper Summary] IBM Researchers propose a Quantum Kernel Algorithm

Many quantum machine learning algorithms have been believed to provide exponential speed-ups over classical machine learning (ML) approaches, based on the assumption that classical data can be provided to the algorithm in the form of quantum states. Yet, no studies show whether a method exists that can efficiently provide data in this manner.

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IBM acquires Bluetab to expand hybrid cloud service offerings


A week after snatching up startup BoxBoat, IBM today announced another acquisition to expand its portfolio of data, cloud, and analytics services. With Bluetab, IBM aims to further advance its hybrid cloud and AI strategy across Europe, Latin America, and North America.

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Understanding IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps capability metrics for capacity sizing

Measuring tape

There are many different AIOps products to choose from with various capabilities to bring insights into the activities of IT environments. The goal for these products is to simplify the management and, more importantly, resolve issues when they occur or even recognize when an error is going to occur. As part of this, some products focus on applying AI to the information from the IT environment, while others focus on how to communicate the information and provide options to resolve issues.

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IBM Open Sources ‘CodeFlare’, a Machine Learning Framework that simplifies AI Workflows onto the Hybrid Cloud

Wireframe diagram

IBM has open-sourced CodeFlare, a machine learning framework that will allow developers to train their models more efficiently onto the hybrid cloud. This new framework is an exciting concept for those who are looking to simplify their workflow and shorten the time it takes. The idea behind this design is that when users have 10,000 work pipelines running, they wait up to 4 hours before receiving a result. While using this new framework, its implementation into these machines will require only 15 minutes.

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IBM’s CodeFlare automates AI model development

IBM Codeflare

IBM today announced a new serverless framework called CodeFlare that’s designed to reduce the time developers spend preparing AI models for deployment in hybrid cloud environments. The company says it automates the training, processing, and scaling of models to enable engineers to focus on data insights.

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Pentagon scraps $10B JEDI project with Microsoft, calls deal outdated


The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has canceled its nearly two-year-old $10 billion JEDI cloud computing project with Microsoft, saying on Tuesday that “the landscape has evolved” and vowing to pursue a different cloud deal with Microsoft, Amazon, and possibly more cloud service providers.

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KPMG decides on Red Hat OpenShift to construct AI platform

Light globe graphic

Red Hat and KPMG LLP today revealed they are working together to make the Red Hat OpenShift platform, which is based on Kubernetes, a foundational core of the KPMG Ignite AI platform.

The KPMG Ignite platform combines machine learning algorithms with document ingestion and optical character recognition capabilities to analyze both structured and unstructured data. Kubernetes has emerged as a preferred foundation for building AI platforms because it makes it simpler to dynamically orchestrate the consumption of IT infrastructure on behalf of containerized applications.

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IBM closes acquisition of Turbonomic to deliver comprehensive AIOps capabilities for Hybrid Cloud


IBM announced the closing of its acquisition of Turbonomic, Inc., an Application Resource Management (ARM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) software provider based in Boston, MA.

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IBM releases UQ360 AI tool, an Open Source Tool to measure Model uncertainty

IBM uncertainty quantification 360 toolkit

IBM’s Uncertainty Quantification 360 (UQ360) toolkit. UQ360 allows the AI to communicate its uncertainty, making it more intellectually humble and increasing the safety of its deployment. Its goal is to provide data scientists and developers with cutting-edge algorithms for quantifying, analyzing, enhancing, and exposing the uncertainty of machine learning models.

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IBM releases AI model toolkit to help developers measure uncertainty

IBM AI toolkit

At its Digital Developer Conference today, IBM open-sourced Uncertainty Quantification 360 (UQ360), a new toolkit focused on enabling AI to understand and communicate its uncertainty. Following in the footsteps of IBM’s AI Fairness 360 and AI Explainability 360, the goal of UQ360 is to foster community practices across researchers, data scientists, developers, and others that might lead to better understanding and communication around the limitations of AI.

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IBM partners with U.K. on $300M quantum computing research initiative

IBM -UK partnership

The U.K. government and IBM this week announced a five-year £210 million ($297.5 million) artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing collaboration, in the hopes of making new discoveries and developing sustainable technologies in fields ranging from life sciences to manufacturing.

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2021 AI Data Science Platforms (end-to-end)

2021 AI Data Science Platforms

There are many commercial and open-source machine AI Data Science Platforms in the market today.  As organizations recognize the need, and assess the question of ‘on-premise or off-premise’, they will evaluate the end-to-end model lifecycle for developing and deploying AI. This article explores a high level overview of the various AI Data Science Platforms available, taking a look at the challengers, giants and open-source systems that look promising in 2021.

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IBM joins effort to build $200M AI, Cloud, Quantum Discovery Accelerator at the University of Illinois

University of Illinois & IBM

With demands for AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing expanding daily, IBM is joining an initiative to build a Discovery Accelerator Institute at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana to drive new research and innovations in some of the fastest-growing fields of study. The collaboration also includes the State of Illinois in what is planned as a $200 million, 10-year initiative to erect a building and facilities for the new institute as well as increase access to technology education and skills development at the school.

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[IBM Survey] Global Business AI Adoption Flat in 2020, but growth expected to rebound

think IBM

That’s the conclusion of a new “Global AI Adoption Index 2021” report from IBM’s Institute for Business Value and the IBM Watson business unit that includes input on AI plans and challenges from some 5,501 business decision-makers in 15 markets around the world. The report was released May 11 (Tuesday) as part of IBM’s Think 2021 virtual conference. The 13-page report, which was conducted by market research firm Morning Consult for IBM, found that about one-third of the respondents reported that their companies are using AI, while 43 percent said their companies accelerated their rollouts of the technology due to the pandemic.

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IBM is acquiring Turbonomic to advance AIOps agenda

Turbonomic platform

IBM announced this week that it is acquiring Turbonomic, provider of application resource management (ARM) and network performance management (NPM) software infused with machine learning algorithms. Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close this quarter, were not disclosed.

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IonQ now supports IBM’s Qiskit quantum development kit


IonQ, the trapped ion quantum computing company that recently went public via a SPAC, today announced that it is integrating its quantum computing platform with the open-source Qiskit software development kit. This means Qiskit users can now bring their programs to IonQ’s platform without any major modifications to their code.

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IBM, Cleveland Clinic Begin 10-Year AI, Quantum, Cloud Partnership to Boost Clinical Research

IBM offices

Fueled by the need for faster life sciences and healthcare research, especially in the wake of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, IBM and the 100-year-old Cleveland Clinic are partnering to bolster the Clinic’s research capabilities by integrating a wide range of IBM’s advanced technologies in AI, quantum computing and the cloud.

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