Leading MLOps Tools are the next frontier of Scaling AI in the Enterprise

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is on the rise as a critical technology to help to scale machine learning in the enterprise. According to McKinsey, by 2030, ML could add up to 13 trillion dollars back into the global economy by enabling workers in all sectors to improve their output. Furthermore, MarketWatch indicates that, in 2021, the global MLOps market size will be USD million and it is expected to reach USD million by the end of 2027, with a CAGR during 2021-2027.

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China Anti-Monopoly push adds to Enterprise and Deep Technology’s Appeal: Lightspeed’s James Mi


China’s ongoing anti-monopoly campaign is part of a larger global push by regulators against big tech, and will reinforce a shift among venture investors in the country toward enterprise and deep technology companies, according to a member of the Forbes Midas List ranking of the world’s top venture capitalists.

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Robot Truck startup Gatik raises $85 million in Koch-led funding round


Gatik, a Silicon Valley startup that’s developing an autonomous fixed-route robotic delivery service, secured its biggest cash infusion to date with an $85 million round led by Koch Industries’ investment arm that will help it expand operations, add staff and build up its truck fleet.

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15 innovative AI companies driving exponential shifts in their respective sectors


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new, but it is revolutionizing the world. Paired with emerging technologies, the applications for AI currently appear to be endless. From accelerating the pace of life saving drugs to streamline operations for cost-savings and revenue amplification, AI platforms are omnipresent, and their impact is inescapable.

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Artificial Intelligence technology trends that matter for Business

AI trend that matter

This article aims to overview new and current AI trends that emerged in 2020 and are still increasing in 2021. Based on trends, companies can make projections of the AI future and successfully mitigate risks. Saying AI, neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and other subfields of Artificial Intelligence are meant.

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[Book Review] The AI Marketing Canvas: A Roadmap To Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics in marketing right now. Raj Venkatesan and Jim Lecinski recently published a book entitled “The AI Marketing Canvas: A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing”. To better understand what an AI marketing canvas is, I sought insight from Raj Venkatesan, a professor at the Darden School of Business. In full disclosure, I work with Raj and find his research and work fascinating. Below is insight on the AI marketing canvas.

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Venture Capital-as-a-Service: Driving innovation agility for corporations

Project meeting

Venture capital activity exploded to new highs in Q2’21, with worldwide funding jumping 157% compared to Q2’20. In the next decade, the term unicorn will likely get replaced by decacorn (a company valued at over $10 billion), and eventually by hectocorn (a company valued at over $100 billion). SpaceX and Stripe are two recent examples of startups that have achieved the hectocorn status as private companies.

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The role of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Space Exploration and future prospects

Space exploration

The secrets of space and its undiscovered regions have long captivated us. However, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence technologies, we can now explore space in more depth than ever before. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in a variety of elements of space travel. It may be used for a wide range of operations, from high-level decision-making to low-level data processing and everything in between.

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Elon Musk’s plan to tout Tesla AI comes as tougher scrutiny of the company looms

Elon Musk

The timing of Elon Musk’s plan to promote gains Tesla is making in artificial intelligence and as a leader in the technology this week has grown somewhat awkward as the billionaire CEO’s event will take place amid signs that tougher U.S. government scrutiny may be on the way. 

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Operationalizing AI ethics, no longer an option but an imperative

Reid Blackman - CEO Virtue

A Virtual Sit Down with Reid Blackman. As I’ve written in my “On AI Ethics,” series, machine learning models that aim to mirror and predict real-life as closely as possible are not without their challenges. Household name brands like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google have been accused of algorithmic bias that have negatively affected society at large. 

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AI-driven Blue Ocean Strategy – Create wealth and new income streams

AI blue ocean strategy

AI-driven change is coming sooner than most of us probably expect. Today, software can already “learn” and do more and more of what people do, from providing customer service and information to analyzing X-rays, reading test reports, performing system audits, and giving legal advice. As technology improves, more and more economic activity will shift from labor to capital.

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With feeling: Innovation, creativity and empathic machines

Empathic machines

It is one of the most iconic episodes of one of TV’s most iconic series. The plot is pretty simple, if farfetched: at some point in the future, a man is condemned to solitary confinement on an uninhabited asteroid. His only human contact is a very brief and occasional interaction with a supply ship that delivers essentials before quickly leaving again.

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The revolution of Computational Creativity

When the finance company JPMorgan Chase announced that it was replacing human copywriters with an algorithm, some thought it was a marketing ploy riding the crest of the AI ​​wave. However, those who knew something about so-called artificial intelligence knew that this was just the beginning. Computational creativity was breaking from academia into real-life applications in the creative industries.

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Interview with Dr. Wang Jian

Dr Wang Jian

I highlight the individuals who are defying the conventional boundaries and focus on realizing their disruptive vision despite all odds and my first hero will be Wang Jian, the founder of Beijing Genomics Institute (now called BGI and, despite the name, based in Shenzhen, China’s technology hub located over 2000km South of the capital), the largest genomics sequencing facility in the world and the home to the many innovations in life sciences.

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