I interviewed one of the World’s most advanced AI Systems: GPT3

GPT-3 conversation

I have been fascinated by computers in general since I was a kid. I can remember the computer lab when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and we were being taught using a computer through the DOS prompt. I have seen computers and technology progress exponentially through time. In my humble opinion, Artificial Intelligence is going to shape our future more than we would like to acknowledge.

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4 key traits to look for when hiring a Data Scientist

Finding good Data Scientists can be a tricky task. Googling “Data Science Skills Gap” shows that in many countries around the world, companies are struggling to find suitable candidates for their ever growing Data Science needs. A bad hiring choice can be very expensive, and as a result, it’s important to be able to vet candidates effectively, to make sure they are a good fit for the position and are going to be effective in introducing/ expanding Data Science at your company.

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