Bosch partners with to ‘transform’ digital ecosystems using DLTs

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Bosch has partnered with Cambridge-based AI blockchain startup with the aim of transforming existing digital ecosystems using distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). The global engineering giant will test key features of’s testnet until the end of this month and will deploy a node on the network. The strategic engineering project between and Bosch…

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10 innovative companies using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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All major tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple, are introducing extraordinary Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in their systems. Siri and Alexa personal assistants are examples of AI as a service and becoming the must-to-have devices in the USA homes. Innovated machine breakthroughs like self-driving cars are no more a dream but a reality now. AI has truly revolutionized the world we live today – surrounded by many gadgets, devices, and tech that is influenced by machine learning, deep learning and data science.

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Agritech: Smart agriculture for smallholders


It is estimated that an average farm generates 500,000 data points per day, and this is expected to grow to four million data points by 2036, says Catherine Lian, managing director of IBM Malaysia. These data points cover things such as fertiliser and pesticide application rates, weather, soil nutrient content and harvesting dates.

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Gen Z is defining digital banking – FinTech is listening

Gen Zers are the true digital natives. From streaming to sharing, those between the ages 18 to 24 expect seamless connectivity — and their finances are no exception. The banking industry has shifted servicing dramatically from its beginnings as a brick-and-mortar stalwart to become far more digitally flexible. As one of many pandemic impacts, having a choice for complete online banking is an ageless expectation, however for Gen Z it has become a table stake.

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Boeing-SparkCognition joint venture SkyGrid deploys AI to protect drones

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SkyGrid, a Boeing-SparkCognition joint venture, has launched the world’s first AI-powered security for drones. Drones are being used for increasingly critical purposes, including carrying vital medical supplies. Security is paramount to build the trust necessary to unlock the full potential of the emerging industry. Amir Husain, CEO and founder of SparkCognition and SkyGrid, said: “In…

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AI-IOT: a powerful combination of the future

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The current business world is changing with the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is helping in conspicuously catching a tremendous amount of data from various sources. However, folding over the large number of data originating from incalculable IoT devices, makes it complex to gather, process, and analyze the data.

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Honeywell lays down $1.3 billion to drive AI and IoT into life sciences

Honeywell announced yesterday it will acquire Sparta Systems for $1.3 billion to gain control of quality management software (QMS) that the company is promising to augment with machine learning algorithms and other AI capabilities.

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7 big data goals for 2021: AI, DevOps, hybrid cloud, and more

In 2021, corporate big data leaders will be looking to improve data quality and turnaround of big data projects, as well as performance in meeting business objectives. While 2020 hasn’t been a normal year for anyone, you still have to plan for the future and get ready for what may come. Here are seven key big data areas of focus for 2021.

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10 strategic Technology Trends businesses should plan for in 2021

Information technology is an ever-evolving field where organizations are exploring specific technology trends, and CxOs are striving to adopt the changing scenarios to compose a better future for the business.
Gartner’s research president Brian Burke has grouped organizational strategic technology trends into three different categories – people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. He also suggests organizational plasticity is the key to strategic tech trends.

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Evaluating the accuracy of AI trends predictions made by Top Enterprise Leaders – then and Now

At the beginning of 2019, enterprise leaders from different top tech companies predicted Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning trends for future years. After two years, we reviewed their AI predictions to find out how accurately they predicted the developments in AI. Our team further studied and analyzed their predictions to give them a ranking.

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London-based IoT startup Infogrid raises £11.5M to make all buildings ‘smart’

Smart building startups are gaining ground in the commercial real estate sector, since building owners and operators are adopting to technologies like IoT and AI to achieve high operational efficiency, maintain low running costs and make buildings more comfortable to live/work. 

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Top 5 AI achievements of 2020

Quantum Physics & AI

Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep neural learning, and data science have turned out to be life-changing technologies over the last decade. As we are approaching the end of the year, there is no doubt that year 2020 has been a very challenging and dark year due to pandemic crises. Numerous businesses endured disappointments during COVID-19, while it additionally delivered multiple champs rising in the wreck.

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Sony has a new ‘AI robotics’ drone division called Airpeak

Sony’s latest division, Airpeak, is described as being “in the field of AI robotics” and will focus on next-generation drones. Despite incidents of reckless flying, drones unlock huge opportunities. We regularly see beautiful photography and videography shot using drones—but, of course, they can do so much more. Sony has built a stellar reputation in media…

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Top 10 AI trends to watch in 2021

The global AI market size was calculated as $39.9 Billion in 2019 and expected to achieve compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 42.2% from 2020 to 2027. Technology has made innovations in big fields like healthcare, retail, automobile, and finance with continuous research. We have come up with Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to watch in year 2021. These have the potential to hit great innovation in future. Let’s have a look at these strategies:

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Ketos raises $18 million to monitor drinking water quality with AI

Water analytics startup Ketos today announced it raised $18 million in funding. The capital will be put toward further advancing the company’s cloud-based software platform and hardware, as well as expanding Ketos’ team ahead of future growth.

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