Roman cybersecurity company Exein nets €6 Million in new funding


Rome-based IoT cybersecurity firm Exein has raised €6 Million in a Series A funding round. Operating on an open-source model, Exein specialises in and provides cybersecurity solutions for IoT devices at the firmware level. The new funding is expected to propel the company’s product expansion, with a particular focus on Industrial, Automotive, and Medial IoT devices, and the expected recruitment drive that will accompany this expansion.

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After 22 years, Translated takes on first-ever funding at $30 million


Rome-based translation service Translated has taken on $30 million in funding. $20 million of the funding arrives from one of Europe’s largest private equity funds, Ardian. Translated pioneered the use of AI to assist professional translators, and today leverages a combination of its proprietary adaptive neural machine translation software and a network of over 200,000 linguists to service clients including the European Commission, Airbnb, Google, and Uber.

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