9 KPIs to measure the impact of AIOps | IT Managed Services


AIOps is a group of tools and components that leverage AI and ML to detect anomalies and threats, predict future outages, resolve issues, and automate standard service desk operations. Consequently, AIOps maximizes network uptime, accelerates incident response and remediation, enhances employee productivity, and decreases costs.
However, before investing in new technology, it is prudent to weigh the benefits against the cost and ensure it will deliver value to the employees, customers, and the business at large. So, let’s take a look at the nine KPIs that measure the impact of AIOps on IT processes.

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Introduction to Observability in ITOM and AIOps

Observability ITOM AIops

First things first. Observability is inherent as a principle to a system and not something that is instilled. Here, we address observability as an open source-based solution in the context of insightful monitoring within the ITOM landscape. ITOM is now in the middle of addressing the needs of the expanding and dynamic nature of IT infrastructure as a function. It is no longer about being a monolithic computing stack. It is now beyond monitoring discrete infrastructure elements. 

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