Virtual meeting platform Vowel raises $13.5M, aims to cure meeting fatigue


Meetings are an inevitable part of the work day, but as workplaces became more distributed over the past 18 months, Vowel CEO Andy Berman says we are steadily moving toward “death by meeting.” His virtual meeting platform is the latest to receive venture capital funding — $13.5 million — with the goal of making meetings more useful before, during and after.

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Covering public companies can be a bit of a drag. They grow some modest amount each year, and their constituent analysts pester them with questions about gross margin expansion and sales rep efficiency. It can be a little dull. Then there are startups, which grow much more quickly — and are more fun to talk about. That’s the case with The company announced an impressive set of metrics this morning, including that from July 2020 to July 2021, it grew its annual recurring revenue (ARR) 4x. Shelf also disclosed that it secured a $52.5 million Series B led by Tiger Global and Insight Partners.

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Peritus AI knowledge network

The New Generation of Knowledge Networks: An exponential opportunity to bridge the cloud-native expert knowledge gap. Demand and supply. These are two of the key principles of modern economics, and they are fully applicable to the current job market. Scarce resources such as specialized talent and knowledge are precious, and they are becoming even more important nowadays because cloud-native and other advanced technologies are being widely adopted.

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How to retain your institutional knowledge when employees retire (& how can AI simplify this)

Since skills, knowledge and experience are vital to a successful business and the pace in which it innovates, retaining existing institutional knowledge is an increasing priority. How can you guarantee that your company’s know-how won’t just walk out the door and jeopardise your brand and positioning? The short answer is: You can’t. But there are ways that utilising a combination of analytics, IoT, and AI techniques, along with corporate training and knowledge replacement strategies, can help.

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