Why Board Directors And CEOs Need To Learn AI Knowledge Foundations: Building AI Leadership Brain Trust Is A Business Imperative: Are You Ready?

Why Fortune 1000 Leaders need to build AI Brain Trust? In reviewing over 200 board of director compositions on the Fortune 1000, many of them do not have sufficient technology depth and knowledge expertise. The majority have operations knowledge particular in finance, legal and have often held a CEO or high profiled leadership role in a prior company. The major of larger companies all have a technology strategy and risk committee working with their CIO and Cybersecurity or Risk officers, but if you look across the broader board director skill knowledge on the depth of AI and digital transformation leadership skills and solid execution experiences, you will find less relevant and current knowledge know-how.

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HHS names Oki Mek, first ever Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

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“AI is playing and will continue to play a significant role in overall technology modernization,” HHS Chief Information Officer Perryn Ashmore told Nextgov via email Thursday. “As such, I have named Oki Mek the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) for the Office of the Chief Information Officer.”

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Building AI Brain Trust for Board Directors and CEO’s – Blog Series

Did you know that 80% of AI research never achieves the last mile, which is very worrisome given the trillions of investment dollars flowing into this industry. This blog drills down to explain curiosity (experimentation) which is one of the most significant Emotional and Social Intelligence skills in building an AI Leadership Brain Trust – whether its’ in your recruitment practices or in your skill development practices, creating a culture where curiosity capacity is nurtured and treasured is key.

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5 simple reasons why Data Projects fail

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Have you ever sunk weeks into building a dashboard, ML model, or datamart only to have it collect cobwebs? Or started building something and just kept building and building with no end? Or maybe you delivered insights to your stakeholders that ended up being not very insightful. Unless you’re god’s gift to data, you can probably cringe remembering a project that fell into at least one of these traps. Failing is okay and is a part of life, but hopefully, we also learn from our failures sometimes.

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Why building an AI Brain Trust of Leadership skills is critical for Board Directors and CEOs

Over 80% of the companies investing in AI do not drive ongoing operational practices, rather AI is an investigative approach to often answer difficult questions, and then sponsorship of evolving the AI models atrophy and in many cases simply die off. This blog identifies 10 business skills and provides questions to engage in a dialogue to advance an organizations’s business skills in relationship to an AI perspective.

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Building AI Brain Trust: What Leadership skills are needed to accelerate AI Adoption?

AI is advancing in visibility, but the last mile of realizing AI value and sustaining adoption in large enterprises, with demonstrated results, is lagging. I have come to the conclusion that to unlock the last mile of AI that board directors and CEOs must accelerate building a unified brain trust (a unified set of leadership skills that are hardwired in relevant digital and AI skills) to modernize their organizations more rapidly

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