On-demand logistics and fulfillment startup Flowspace raises $31M


On-demand warehousing fulfillment startup Flowspace today announced that it raised $31 million in a series B equity funding round. Los Angeles, California-based Flowspace says that the round, which was led by BuildGroup, will enable it to expand its network of fulfillment centers to build on pandemic-driven growth. The company says that the number of orders shipped on its platform increased 10 times during the past year.

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Fuji joins Investors backing AI Robotic startups

Robot Investing

The integration of AI with robotics applications continues to attract tech investors who presumably sense that machine learning tools can help transform static industrial robots into agile assemblers of different products in varying volumes. The latest example is a collaboration between […]

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Slync.io raises $60 million to automate supply chain processes

Truck parked

Slync.io, a shipping and logistics process automation company, today announced it has closed a $60 million series B funding round. The company says it will leverage the investment to continue serving its customers, grow its physical presence in Europe and Asia, and expand its core teams.

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AI is transforming the Logistics Landscape: Here’s a glimpse at how, why and by when

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on supply chains worldwide, the prospect of leveraging AI logistics tech has become more attractive than ever. Data-driven solutions are giving companies the power to increase profitability, resiliency and meet the new demands of commerce in times of unpredictability. AI and machine learning (ML) technologies are now being widely applied across distribution networks. In fact, 61% of executives report decreased costs and 53% report increased revenues as a direct benefit of introducing AI into their supply chains.

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Cargo.One raises $42 million to algorithmically match cargo with air routes

Cargo.One, a real-time booking engine for the air cargo industry, today announced it has raised $42 million. The Berlin-based company says the funds will be put toward product R&D as it looks to expand internationally, particularly in North America and Asia, and triples its headcount to 70 employees.

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Tive raises $12 million to track freight shipments with sensors and algorithms

Tive, a startup whose platform captures real-world data to inform supply chain decisions, today raised $12 million in a venture equity deal. Tive says it’ll invest the funds in product R&D as it looks to expand geographically and hire on new workers.

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Flock Freight raises $113.5 million to consolidate truck freight shipments with algorithms

Flock Freight today closed a $113.5 million round to accelerate developments of its algorithmic pooling technology for truckload shipping and logistics. The injection of capital comes after Flock Freight reached 12,000 in pooled shipments across thousands of shippers, a 296% increase between 2018 and 2019.

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Attabotics raises $50 million to help retailers and grocers automate warehouses

Robotic supply chain startup Attabotics today raised $50 million in venture equity financing. The funds will be put toward accelerating current projects, investing in new technologies, and scaling manufacturing operations.

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