Big tech tries to derail EU AI policy with ‘warnings’ from US think tank

Vampire tech

EU policymakers recently proposed a sweeping set of regulations called the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). If made law, the AIA would offer European citizens the strictest, most comprehensive protections against predatory AI systems on the planet. And big tech is terrified.

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Achieving digital transformation through RPA and process mining

Finger key

Alp Uguray is an award-winning technologist, adviser and investor with 2x UiPath (MVP) Most Valuable Professional Award and is a globally recognized expert on intelligent automation, AI (artificial intelligence), RPA, process mining and enterprise digital transformation.

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Pentagon scraps $10B JEDI project with Microsoft, calls deal outdated


The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has canceled its nearly two-year-old $10 billion JEDI cloud computing project with Microsoft, saying on Tuesday that “the landscape has evolved” and vowing to pursue a different cloud deal with Microsoft, Amazon, and possibly more cloud service providers.

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Edge Delta raises $15M Series A to take on Splunk


Seattle-based Edge Delta, a startup that is building a modern distributed monitoring stack that is competing directly with industry heavyweights like Splunk, New Relic and Datadog, today announced that it has raised a $15 million Series A funding round led by Menlo Ventures

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Lightmatter appoints Vice President of Sales and Head of Product; Announces West Coast HQ


Lightmatter, the leader in photonic computing, announced it has named Bob Turner its new Vice President of Sales and Sudarshan Yadav its new Head of Product. This announcement comes on the heels of Lightmatter’s $80M Series B investment round, led by Viking Global Investors, to fuel accelerated volume production and go-to-market strategy for its first generation hardware products.  

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Here’s why the US continues to beat China in the AI race

USA vs China

The global AI race was supposed to be a sprint. Back in 2017 when driverless cars and domestic robots were thought to be just around the corner, the promise of deep learning made it seem like we were mere months away from living in an AI-powered utopia. As it turns out, the global AI race is more of a marathon. And the US has a huge lead that’ll be difficult to overcome for any country, but especially China.

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2021 AI Data Science Platforms (end-to-end)

2021 AI Data Science Platforms

There are many commercial and open-source machine AI Data Science Platforms in the market today.  As organizations recognize the need, and assess the question of ‘on-premise or off-premise’, they will evaluate the end-to-end model lifecycle for developing and deploying AI. This article explores a high level overview of the various AI Data Science Platforms available, taking a look at the challengers, giants and open-source systems that look promising in 2021.

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Microsoft, GPT-3, and the future of OpenAI

Microsoft and OpenAI

One of the biggest highlights of Build, Microsoft’s annual software development conference, was the presentation of a tool that uses deep learning to generate source code for office applications. The tool uses GPT-3, a massive language model developed by OpenAI last year and made available to select developers, researchers, and startups in a paid application programming interface.

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Microsoft introduces a new AI Tool that will Code for you!


Microsoft has been long pursuing this vision which is aimed at enterprise customers. Companies that do not afford to hire experienced programmers can be greatly benefitted from this web app as it will help beginners tackle basic tasks like analytics, data visualization, and workflow automation. Indeed, writing codes have come a long way from the days of pure black text on a white background on a terminal. Companies are always looking out for ways to make programming easier using advanced algorithms.

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OpenAI launches $100 million startup fund with Microsoft

Openai Microsoft

OpenAI today launched the OpenAI Startup Fund, a $100 million fund to — in the words of OpenAI — “help AI companies have a profound, positive impact on the world.” The fund is managed by OpenAI, with investment from Microsoft and other partners, and OpenAI says that companies selected for it will get early access to future OpenAI systems, support from OpenAI’s team, and credits on Microsoft Azure.

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Facebook and Microsoft launch PyTorch Enterprise Support Program


Facebook today announced the launch of the PyTorch Enterprise Support Program, which enables service providers to develop and offer tailored enterprise-grade support to their customers. Facebook says the new offering, built in collaboration with Microsoft, was created in direct response to feedback from PyTorch enterprise users developing models in production for mission-critical apps.

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Interactio, a remote interpretation platform, grabs $30M after seeing 12x growth during COVID-19


Interactio, a remote interpretation platform whose customers include massive institutions like the United Nations, European Commission and Parliament along with corporates like BMW, JP Morgan and Microsoft, has closed a whopping $30 million Series A.

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Follow the Money May 2021: 51 Funded Machine Learning Companies

May 2021 latest funding of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics

May 2021 latest funding covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and innovation.

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