Is AI intelligent enough to solve Humanity’s problems?

Life finds a way

Every day at work I wrote Machine Learning algorithms, managed existing models, automated workflows and I was proud that not only is AI enabling me in performing better, but it is also increasing my organization’s productivity. To my realization, it was not AI, it was years of work that humans have done by using resources that occur in nature. Do not get me wrong, I believe in AI and do not dislike it, in fact, that’s my daily driver of work. I am only against its usage at present, where it is exploiting more resources than it is generating. My idea is to use AI responsibly and use it for the betterment of lives.

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Light and in-memory computing help AI achieve ultra-low latency

Light Cells

Ever noticed that annoying lag that sometimes happens during the internet streaming from, say, your favorite football game? Called latency, this brief delay between a camera capturing an event and the event being shown to viewers is surely annoying during the decisive goal at a World Cup final. But it could be deadly for a […]

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AI researchers share data on how we sort options, make decisions

scientists studying the brain and the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) have been homing in how that happens. A new paper in Nature, “A distributional code for value in dopamine-based reinforcement learning,” goes further in exploring how experience and options are sorted in making decisions.

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