Cirrascale Cloud Services broadens Deep Learning cloud offerings with world’s most powerful GPU for AI Supercomputing


Cirrascale Cloud Services, a premier cloud services provider of deep learning infrastructure solutions for autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and computer vision workflows, announced its dedicated, multi-GPU deep learning cloud servers support the NVIDIA A100 80GB and A30 Tensor Core GPUs. With record-setting performance across every category on the latest release of MLPerf, these latest offerings provide enterprise customers with mainstream options for a broad range of AI inference, training, graphics, and traditional enterprise compute workloads.

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How the USPS is finding lost packages more quickly using AI Technology from Nvidia

United States Postal Service

In one of its latest technology innovations, the USPS got AI help from Nvidia to fix a problem that has long confounded existing processes – how to better track packages that get lost within the USPS system so they can be found in hours instead of in several days. In the past, it took eight to 10 people several days to locate and recover lost packages within USPS facilities. Now it is done by one or two people in a couple hours using AI.

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[Video] The Digital Speaker:  Interview with Jeff Herbst, NVIDIA

Digital speaker - Ep 4

Welcome to the 4th episode of The Tech Journal. My name is Mark van Rijmenam, and I am The Digital Speaker. In this series, I project my digital twin into cyberspace to bring you the latest-and-greatest from the digital world. I cover all the latest digital news, from blockchain and crypto to quantum computing and AI.

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How AI is helping Nvidia improve U.S. Postal Service delivery

Nvidia this week detailed a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to transform the latter’s mail operations with AI. According to Nvidia, its machine learning resources and tools enabled the Postal Service to process over 20 terabytes of images a day from more than 1,000 mail processing machines using 195 edge servers.

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Microsoft details the latest developments in machine learning at GTC 21

Brains graphic

With the rapid pace of change taking place in AI and machine learning technology, it’s no surprise Microsoft had its usual strong presence at this year’s Nvidia GTC event. Representatives of the company shared their latest machine learning innovations in multiple sessions, covering inferencing at scale, a new capability to train machine learning models across hybrid environments, and the debut of the new PyTorch Profiler that will help data scientists be more efficient when they’re analyzing and troubleshooting ML performance issues.

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[Paper Summary] Researchers from NVIDIA, Stanford University and Microsoft Research propose Efficient Trillion-Parameter Language Model Training on GPU Clusters

In a paper by NVIDIA, Stanford University, and Microsoft Research, a research team has proposed a new parallelization schedule that improves throughput by more than 10 percent with a comparable memory footprint. The paper demonstrated that such strategies could be composed to achieve high aggregate throughput when training large models with nearly a trillion parameters. 

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UK gov’t triggers national security scrutiny of Nvidia-Arm deal

UK scrutinizes arm deal

The secretary of state for digital issues, Oliver Dowden, said today that the government wants to ensure that any national security implications of the semiconductor deal are explored. Nvidia’s $40BN acquisition of UK-based Arm was announced last September but remains to be cleared by regulators. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) began to solicit views on the proposed deal in January.

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[Interview] Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang: From the Grace CPU to engineer’s metaverse

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang delivered a keynote speech this week to 180,000 attendees registered for the GTC 21 online-only conference. And Huang dropped a bunch of news across multiple industries that show just how powerful Nvidia has become.

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Edge Impulse democratizes Machine Learning for all developers on NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform

Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse, the leading development platform for machine learning (ML) on edge devices, announced today the general availability of their groundbreaking Linux solution enabling rapid ML development on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Edge AI platform. Jan Jongboom, CTO and co-founder of Edge Impulse, will also present at NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 conference. 

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SambaNova raises $676M at a $5.1B valuation to double down on cloud-based AI software for enterprises


SambaNova — a startup building AI hardware and integrated systems that run on it that only officially came out of three years in stealth last December — is announcing a huge round of funding today to take its business out into the world. The company has closed in on $676 million in financing, a Series D that co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Liang has confirmed values the company at $5.1 billion.

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Financial Institutions continue to cautiously embrace AI, but more Data Scientists needed

Money graphic

As banks and financial institutions look to expand their use of AI in their operations, having compelling reasons to deploy the technology are now the norm. But a large challenge stands in the way of broadening the use of AI in the industry –  it’s increasingly hard to find enough well-trained data scientists to help banks and financial services companies reach their AI goals.

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NVIDIA Ampere Architecture-based professional GPUs transform Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Nvidia Quadro

Scientists, researchers, and engineers are solving the world’s most important scientific, industrial, and big data challenges with AI and high-performance computing (HPC). Businesses, even entire industries, harness the power of AI to extract new insights from massive data sets, both on-premises and in the cloud. NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based products…

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Nvidia and Harvard develop AI tool that speeds up genome analysis

Doctors review data

Researchers affiliated with Nvidia and Harvard today detailed AtacWorks, a machine learning toolkit designed to bring down the cost and time needed for rare and single-cell experiments. In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, the coauthors showed that AtacWorks can run analyses on a whole genome in just half an hour compared with the multiple hours traditional methods take.

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Deloitte’s upcoming Center for AI Computing aims to help customers grow AI use

Cable Board

With AI use continuing to grow in adoption throughout enterprise IT, Deloitte is creating a new Deloitte Center for AI Computing to advise its customers, explain the technology and help them use it in their ongoing business and growth plans. Designed to provide a cloud-accessible accelerated platform that Deloitte clients can […]

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