Arturo Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding For AI Platform to Help P&C Insurers and Banks Better Understand Physical Properties

Arturo platform

Arturo, an AI-powered platform that derives property insights and predictive analytics from aerial and satellite imagery, raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Atlantic Bridge Capital, with participation from RPS Ventures and existing investors Crosslink Capital and IAG Firemark Ventures – the venture capital fund for IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer.

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Logic Plum upgrades its AI Platform for Times-Series Predictions

Enterprise AI platform vendor Logic Plum Inc. released an updated platform this week that automates development of time-series, or sequenced, models that among other new capabilities leverage trend analysis to predict the future value of a data series.

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Machine Learning in the Automotive Industry

automobiles & ML

AI simulates the applications that extend the automotive manufacturing ground. Automakers can use #AI-driven systems to create directories and manage workflows, enabling the robots to operate safely alongside humans on manufacturer grounds and panel lines and identify defects in segments going into cars and trucks.

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The AI value gap

AI value gap

When we look at today’s guidance on Prescriptive Analytics, there are many guides focused on technical advice (here are a few good examples, but most articles are just definitions or marketing fluff). With the best advice today, you’d be focused on finding the best optimization or satisfiability solvers and building the data integration to feed them, so that you can take in lots of different inputs to your predictive models and make recommendations. However, that’s all you’re getting: make the recommendation, then what?

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Global Big Data analytics market fueling AI Predictive Analytics and security applications present Key growth ppportunities

IOT graphic

This research on Global Big Data Analytics Market Fueling Artificial Intelligence is to measures the future effect of COVID-19 on the worldwide Big Data Analytics (BDA) market. The inserted biological system has prompted a hyper-associated world and the Internet of Things (IoT). Because of universal companies, IoT has joined endpoints and divulged a mother lode of data.

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AutoML vs HPO vs CASH: what is the difference?

Robot and doctor with telescope

Automated Machine Learning, or AutoML for short, is on the rise. More and more commercial products appear on the market, academic tools, and public, open-source AutoML libraries. As with every new technology that is new, unclear, and nebulously defined, AutoML is misunderstood. On one end, there are grandiose claims that it will send data analysts home, and on the other end, extreme statements that it automates only the trivial part of the analysis. This is because different people give different definitions to AutoML. Let us examine them.

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How Artificial Intelligence will drive Predictive Analysis to the next level

Scientists pioneer in innovative ways of creating revolutionary healthcare insights through artificial intelligence prediction. Based on a patient’s eye scan, their system can make predictions against the patient’s risk of experiencing a severe cardiac incident. It achieves by training a Machine Learning system with medical data, including the age, blood pressure, and smoking habits of three hundred thousand patients.

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