Scrum Vs. Waterfall: What is the Difference?

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In the last two decades, a lot of robust methodologies and frameworks for project management have established their roots deeply in the market. And to get effective collaboration and team management in the workplace, many Industries prefer methodologies to accomplish the project. However, having several methodologies as options makes the task hard, especially when each of them is unique in one way or the other.

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That is not intelligence

Let’s start by saying that perhaps 99% of what’s called AI these days, even the most fashionable ‘deep learning’ — merely amounts to a vastly complicated statistical analysis of humongous amounts of data enabled by the unprecedented drop of the costs of storage and compute (bytes/$ and FLOPS/$ respectively).

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12 Data Science projects for 12 days of Christmas

Building simulations are not only really cool, but quite relevant with the pandemic! Not only are Python simulations very beneficial to your coding fluency and your understanding of data science, but they are also fun and addictive to play around with.
There are a myriad of scenarios and factors you can simulate, often with less than a couple hundred lines of code. For example, I have an article about simulating a basic pandemic and predicting population control, both of which have code which you’re free to see!

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Scaling An ML Team (10–100+ People)

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This is the second part of our series on scaling ML teams! Read on if you’re a leader in an ML team that is starting to grow beyond 10 people and scale from one team to a collection of teams working on the ML pipeline. If you’re a smaller team or you haven’t seen our first post on scaling from 0–10 people, you may want to read that first.

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Value Investing. Step to the next level

If you are interested in value investing, you probably know that fundamental analysis is the most effective and at the same time, the most complicated way to determine the intrinsic value of a company. But this approach takes a lot of time and effort, limiting the investor’s horizons. To solve this problem, I started the COVANN project. Today, it is a cascade of artificial intelligence models whose task…

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4 effective ways to write Executive Summaries for your concepts

This article describes the ‘idea model’ and provides various examples of real ideas — explains how to write effective executive summaries for your concepts.
Ideas are powerful constructs. Provided that they are articulated and communicated effectively, they can become the starting point of impactful initiatives and new innovations.

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A-Z Of DevOps: Managing multiple environments with the help of these tools

In most DevOps settings you’ll find that there are multiple environments in the pipeline. You might have conditions that change the environment based on which branch was merged or when a branch is tagged for release. There are a number of reasons you want to have more than just a production environment, the biggest reason being testing.

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