Is AI intelligent enough to solve Humanity’s problems?

Life finds a way

Every day at work I wrote Machine Learning algorithms, managed existing models, automated workflows and I was proud that not only is AI enabling me in performing better, but it is also increasing my organization’s productivity. To my realization, it was not AI, it was years of work that humans have done by using resources that occur in nature. Do not get me wrong, I believe in AI and do not dislike it, in fact, that’s my daily driver of work. I am only against its usage at present, where it is exploiting more resources than it is generating. My idea is to use AI responsibly and use it for the betterment of lives.

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OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

Orora technologies

With wildfires becoming an ever more devastating annual phenomenon, it is in the whole planet’s interest to spot them and respond as early as possible — and the best vantage point for that is space. OroraTech is a German startup building a constellation of small satellites to power a global wildfire warning system, and will be using a freshly raised €5.8M (~$7M) A round to kick things off.

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Artificial Intelligence is a heartless master: use of AI in recruitment

AI in Recruitment

So lately, I’ve been commenting on artificial intelligence. I’m not exactly sure why it interests me so much. I was going to spend a few moments chatting about how AI is being used in job recruitment. This blog is framed around a book written by Professor John Lennox entitled 2084. It’s all about the positive and negative aspects of development in artificial intelligence — It’s actually mostly negative, although he does praise a number of uses for such technology. I thought he was pretty fair in his assessment overall.

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Will Inevitably Merge


It was philosopher Hubert Dreyfus who first attacked the notions behind the PSS hypothesis. In his 1972 book What Computers Can’t Do, he highlighted a key difference between human intelligence and early, symbolic AI. He argued that a good part of human knowledge is tacit knowledge — know-how experiential knowledge.

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Anthropic is the new AI research outfit from OpenAI’s Dario Amodei, and it has $124M to burn

Anthropic AI

As AI has grown from a menagerie of research projects to include a handful of titanic, industry-powering models like GPT-3, there is a need for the sector to evolve — or so thinks Dario Amodei, former VP of research at OpenAI, who struck out on his own to create a new company a few months ago. Anthropic, as it’s called, was founded with his sister Daniela and its goal is to create “large-scale AI systems that are steerable, interpretable, and robust.”

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Engine Biosciences expands its digital drug discovery pipeline with $43M round A

Engine biosciences

Drug discovery is a large and growing field, in which are to be found both ambitious startups and billion-dollar big pharma incumbents. Engine Biosciences is one of the former, a Singaporean outfit with with an expert founding crew and a different approach to the business of finding new therapeutics, and it just raised $43 million to keep growing.

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Can Google really build a practical quantum computer by 2029?

Google quantum

Google pulled off I/O, its developers conference, without a hitch yesterday. By far, the most interesting news we heard at I/O has to be the announcement that Google intends to build a new quantum AI center in Santa Barbara where the company says it will produce a “useful, error-corrected quantum computer” by 2029.

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What Elon Musk gets wrong about AI


ou don’t have a conversation about artificial intelligence nowadays without addressing it’s consequences, good or bad. Whether AI has had negative impacts on our social discourse where blame is put on Facebook’s ad targeting algorithms or whether AI has had positive benefits in places like medicine and bad actor detection, I think most folks miss the point.

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Carnegie Mellon researchers trained AI to simulate our universe on a GPU

AI simulated universe

Simulating the universe is difficult. There are, after all, potentially infinite variables to consider. Scientists typically use supercomputers to crunch data at the cosmological level, but a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon recently figured out a way to use the same machine learning technology used to teach AI to paint or create music like a human to run advanced simulations on graphics processing units (GPUs).

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NASA & SpaceX are building a Moonbase

Artemis program

Nasa is going back to the Moon! But this time, things will be a little different, not just because they are building a lunar base, but also because they are commissioning private companies like SpaceX to build and supply it. The base itself is also an utterly ground breaking piece of space infrastructure that will develop tech that could, one day, open up lunar industries, Martian missions and even crewed missions to other celestial bodies. Welcome to the Artemis program, NASA’s bid to win our new-era space race.

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How will Laboratories look and operate after COVID-19?

Group of people in a lab

The pandemic has fuelled a wave of digitalisation within research and development, with many laboratories adapting to the new way of working by implementing digital software and technology that facilitate remote work.
The disruptive technologies that characterise Laboratory 4.0, from basic connectivity of documentation to automation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), have the potential to radically transform the laboratory environment, enabling scientists to work smarter, not harder.

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Space startup Gitai raises $17.1M to help build the robotic workforce of commercial space

Space Robot

Japanese space startup Gitai has raised a $17.1 million funding round, a Series B financing for the robotics startup. This new funding will be used for hiring, as well as funding the development and execution of an on-orbit demonstration mission for the company’s robotic technology, which will show its efficacy in performing in-space satellite servicing […]

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