National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence issues report on how to maintain U.S. dominance

National Security Commission AI

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence today released its report today with dozens of recommendations for President Joe Biden, Congress, and business and government leaders. China, the group said, represents the first challenge to U.S. technological dominance that threatens economic and military power for the first time since the end of World War II. The 15-member commission calls a $40 billion investment…

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Edgybees raises $9.5 million for AI that augments drone camera footage


Edgybees, a provider of georegistration and augmented reality tools for drone operators, today announced that it raised $9.5 million, bringing its total raised to $15 million. The company says the proceeds will be used to drive product research, expand global adoption, and support an “aggressive” hiring strategy.

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CYE raises $120 million for security that uses hackers and AI

Cye five men standing

The soaring number of cyberattacks in recent years has propelled a massive expansion of potential solutions as startups and incumbent security providers jostle to address the market opportunity. But Tel Aviv-based CYE believes it has developed a way to cut through that clutter with a solution that uses artificial intelligence to probe for technical weaknesses and human hackers to test a company’s overall security resilience.

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SentinelOne bolsters its big data analytics with $155 million Scalyr acquisition

SentinelOne Platform

SentinelOne, an AI-powered cybersecurity platform focused on endpoint protection, has acquired Scalyr, a log management, server monitoring, and event data analytics service founded by former Google engineers in 2011. The $155 million cash and equity deal, which precedes a much-anticipated IPO, represents SentinelOne’s first known acquisition.

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What Andy Jassy’s ascension to CEO means for Amazon’s AI initiatives

This week, Jeff Bezos announced that he’ll step down as CEO at Amazon and transition to an executive chair role during the third quarter of this year. Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy will take his place, heading up a company currently valued at around $1.6 trillion. Jassy, who joined Amazon in 1997 and has led AWS since its inception in 2003, believes Amazon’s decision to double down on AI early differentiated it from the competition.

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AI in health care creates unique data challenges

The health care industry produces an enormous amount of data. An IDC study estimates the volume of health data created annually, which hit over 2,000 exabytes in 2020, will continue to grow at a 48% rate year over year. Accelerated by the passage of the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which mandated that health care practitioners adopt electronic records, there’s now a wealth of digital information about patients, practices, and procedures where before there was none.

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Boeing-SparkCognition joint venture SkyGrid deploys AI to protect drones

Pair of drones

SkyGrid, a Boeing-SparkCognition joint venture, has launched the world’s first AI-powered security for drones. Drones are being used for increasingly critical purposes, including carrying vital medical supplies. Security is paramount to build the trust necessary to unlock the full potential of the emerging industry. Amir Husain, CEO and founder of SparkCognition and SkyGrid, said: “In…

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Quali raises $54 million to automate cloud management and deployment

Quali, a company developing sandbox software for cloud and DevOps automation, today announced it has raised $54 million. The company says the funds will be put toward expanding its customer base and enabling new partnerships while growing its workforce.

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Swimlane raises $40 million to automate cybersecurity operations

Swimlane, a Denver-based security operations management software provider, today announced it raised $40 million. The funding will be put toward accelerating partnerships and alliances, expanding R&D, and enabling further global expansion, the company says. According to Markets and Markets, the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) segment is expected to reach $1.68 billion in value this year, driven by a rise in security breaches and incidents and the rapid deployment and development of cloud-based solutions.

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Equifax will pay $640 million for Kount’s AI-driven identity and fraud prevention tools

Equifax today announced that it would pay $640 million to acquire Kount, a company that uses artificial intelligence to drive its fraud prevention and digital identity services. In a press release, Equifax executives said the deal would allow the company to further expand into these markets. Kount uses AI to analyze 32 billion transactions across 17 billion devices. As the system builds its intelligence, it is shifting from only analysis to predictive modes with the goal of helping companies prevent digital fraud.

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Intel launches RealSense ID for on-device facial recognition

Intel today launched the newest addition to RealSense, its product range of depth and tracking technologies designed to give machines depth perception capabilities. Called RealSense ID, it’s an on-device solution that combines an active depth sensor with a machine learning model to perform facial authentication.

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Machine Learning: Automated DevOps and threat identification

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is still finding its footing in the commercial sector. Although few systems are touted as a complete solution, there are many new AI/ML based companies that are capitalising on the benefits, and traditional business will need to follow suit. ML Ops, the ML equivalent of DevOps will become increasingly important.

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Goldman Sachs leads acquisition of bot mitigation company White Ops

White Ops, a fraud detection platform that protects enterprises and online platforms from automated attacks, announced it has been acquired by Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking division, in partnership with ClearSky Security and NightDragon. This news follows an investment the trio made in White Ops in May.

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Dubber acquires Speik to expand its AI call-recording service

Dubber Corporation Ltd., a provider of unified call recording and analytics software based in Australia, revealed that it’s acquiring Speik, a U.K.-based maker of call recording software that complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security mandates. Valued at $38 million, the deal is part of Dubber’s effort to create a widely available cloud-based voice recording service infused with machine learning algorithms.

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OneTrust raises $300 million to automate data governance and compliance

OneTrust today announced it raised $300 million at a $5.1 billion valuation. The company says the round will be put toward product R&D as it looks to expand its sales, marketing, and engineering teams worldwide.

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Adversarial Machine Learning and its role in fooling AI

Can you fool Artificial Intelligence? – No? – Think again. Three years ago, Apple launched IphoneX with cutting-edge facial recognition technology. This advanced AI technique (Face ID) replaced the old fingerprint recognition technology (Touch ID). The latest technology claimed to be more secure and robust. However, shortly after the launch of Face ID, researchers from Vietnam breached it by designing a 3D face mask. 

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AI in Fintech, Technology and Academia is focus of Nascent U.S. Tech Council

Finding ways to bring AI more deeply into the business worlds of fintech, technology and academia is the mission of the new National Council for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI).

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Why Intel believes confidential computing will boost AI and machine learning

Companies are collecting increasing amounts of data, a trend that is driving the development of better analytical tools and tougher security. Analysis and security are now converging as confidential computing prepares to deliver a critical boost to artificial intelligence. Intel has been investing heavily in confidential computing as…

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