How NotCo leveraged AI to create sustainable and delicious Food


Did you know an AI company took 10% of the mayonnaise market within 8 months? NotCo is a Chilean food-tech startup leading the disruption of the archaic food industry. Their products have already become a staple product in Chile. And after gaining market share in Chile, NotCo has launched in the US. You may have seen the “NotMilk” products in Whole Foods.

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How an AI organisation can make a difference during the pandemic

IRS computer vision

Making premises safe during COVID-19 with IRIS Computer Vision. An induction to or summation of the pandemic and its effect all over the world would be superfluous. Most of us have gone through a tidal shift — we have started working from our homes, children have shifted to online education and we’re more reliant on online services. Technology in various verticals has helped curb the magnitude of problems people around the world faced.

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Goldman Sachs leads $202M investment in project44, doubling its valuation to $1.2B in a matter of months

Goldman Sachs - Project44

Project44 announced it has raised $202 million in a Series E funding round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Emergence Capital. Girteka and Lineage Logistics also participated in the financing, which gives project44 a post-money valuation of $1.2 billion. That doubles the company’s valuation at the time of its Insight Partners-led $100 million Series D in December, and brings its total raised since inception to $442.5 million.

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OpenAI launches $100 million startup fund with Microsoft

Openai Microsoft

OpenAI today launched the OpenAI Startup Fund, a $100 million fund to — in the words of OpenAI — “help AI companies have a profound, positive impact on the world.” The fund is managed by OpenAI, with investment from Microsoft and other partners, and OpenAI says that companies selected for it will get early access to future OpenAI systems, support from OpenAI’s team, and credits on Microsoft Azure.

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What Elon Musk gets wrong about AI


ou don’t have a conversation about artificial intelligence nowadays without addressing it’s consequences, good or bad. Whether AI has had negative impacts on our social discourse where blame is put on Facebook’s ad targeting algorithms or whether AI has had positive benefits in places like medicine and bad actor detection, I think most folks miss the point.

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Practical Guide for Product Managers using AI

AI business stack

Product management is already a fairly ambiguous job that requires multiple skills: strategy, communication, influencing, execution, growth, data analysis to name a few. There is one skill that is not discussed enough in product management and it is critical for all product managers to recognize early: use of AI.

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Figure raises $7.5M to help startup employees better understand their compensation

Figure platform

Figure, announced it has raised $7.5 million in seed funding led by CRV. Bling Capital, Better Tomorrow Ventures and Garage Capital also participated in the financing, along with angel investors such as AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant, Jason Calacanis, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and other executives based in Silicon Valley.

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Persona lands $50M for identity verification after seeing 10x YoY revenue growth


Persona, a startup focused on creating a personalized identity verification experience “for any use case,” aims to differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded space. And investors are banking on the San Francisco-based company’s ability to help businesses customize the identity verification process — and beyond — via its no-code platform in the form of a $50 million Series B funding round. 

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Marketing automation startup ActiveCampaign raises $240M

Active Campaign

Customer experience automation startup ActiveCampaign today announced it has raised $240 million at an over $3 billion valuation. The capital comes as the startup surpasses $165 million in annual recurring revenue, up from $90 million a year ago.

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Artificial Intelligence courses, books, and programs for entrepreneurs

Every day there are more and more start-ups that uses AI or build around them. AI has been around for almost 1950s and since 2008 with the introduction of AlexNets and deep learning, it became the hottest topic in Data science. Artificial Intelligence courses, books, and programs for entrepreneurs

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Data Science project life cycle

Any project starts with a well-defined problem statement (like forecast the sales of an X item present in its inventory in the coming month or the cause of customer churn) or a not well-defined problem (like how to increase sales of a product). Data science enables us to solve this business problem with a series of well-defined steps. Generally, these are the steps we mostly follow to solve a business problem. All the terminologies related to data science falls under different steps which we are going to understand just in a while.

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Gartner: 75% of VCs will use AI to make investment decisions by 2025

Venture capital

By 2025, more than 75% of venture capital and early-stage investor executive reviews will be informed using AI and data analytics. In other words, AI might determine whether a company makes it to a human evaluation at all, deemphasizing the importance of pitch decks and financials. That’s according to a new whitepaper by Gartner, which predicts that in the next four years, the AI- and data-science-equipped investor will become commonplace.

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