WeWalk smart cane guides visually impaired during Pandemic with Voice Assistant and Ultrasonics

Woman with Smart Cane

Canes have enabled people with impaired vision to travel safely on their own for a very long time. British tech startup WeWalk upgrades that ancient tool with a voice assistant built into its eponymous ‘smart cane’ as part of a suite of high-tech tools for navigating safely. WeWalk, which recently joined Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility program, highlights how voice AI can be applied to improving accessibility, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of so many people with disabilities.

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Deepgram raises $25M to expand Enterprise Speech Recognition Platform


Speech recognition technology startup Deepgram has closed a $25million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global with participation from Wing Venture Capital, Citi Ventures, SAP.io, and NVIDIA Inception GPU Ventures. The funding almost doubles the investment raised by Deepgram as it expands the reach and features offered by its enterprise-focused automatic speech transcription and analysis platform.

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Google Meet adds Real-Time Transcription from Voice Tech Startup Otter.ai

Otter AI and Google Meet

Google Meet conferences can now add real-time transcriptions and captions using Otter.ai’s new Live Notes and Video Captions Google Chrome extensions, respectively. The free Otter’s speech-to-text technology is part of Google’s efforts to capture a bigger segment of the enterprise videoconferencing market as it explodes in the wake of the global pandemic, including the approximately 100 million daily users of Google Meet.

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Cambridge-based OBRIZUM bags £1.8M funding to create AI training programmes for organisations

OBRIZUM, a B2B corporate learning and knowledge management company, has secured $2.4 million (approx £1.8 million) funding in Pre-Series A venture round. 
How will the funding be used?
The company will use the funding to expand its UK presence into corporate learning environments that have had to accelerate their digital paths. 

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AI is transforming the Logistics Landscape: Here’s a glimpse at how, why and by when

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on supply chains worldwide, the prospect of leveraging AI logistics tech has become more attractive than ever. Data-driven solutions are giving companies the power to increase profitability, resiliency and meet the new demands of commerce in times of unpredictability. AI and machine learning (ML) technologies are now being widely applied across distribution networks. In fact, 61% of executives report decreased costs and 53% report increased revenues as a direct benefit of introducing AI into their supply chains.

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Few AI startups release revenue numbers: Will any of them ever make a profit?

Only four Western and two Chinese AI companies report income, and all have big losses. CrowdStrike and c3.ai both did IPOs and had losses equal to 30% and 40% of revenues respectively in 2019, and 13% and 40% respectively in 2020. Nest’s losses were 85% of revenues in 2017[1] and DeepMind’s losses were four and 1.7 times its revenues in 2018[2] and 2019 respectively[3] causing Google to write off $1.3 Billion in debts.

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Why it's a Minimum Viable Process (and not a Minimum Viable Product)

Why do we hear the concept of the MVP so often? What is it, and is it beneficial? You might think you know the answers to all of these questions. But do you really? Here we talk about all this and even more. I’m happy to welcome product creators and curious developers into this learning journey. So, let’s start with defining the MVP (minimum viable product), one of the most overused and misunderstood concepts in the modern web. In this article, you can learn how an MVP can kickstart your startup.

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4 effective ways to write Executive Summaries for your concepts

This article describes the ‘idea model’ and provides various examples of real ideas — explains how to write effective executive summaries for your concepts.
Ideas are powerful constructs. Provided that they are articulated and communicated effectively, they can become the starting point of impactful initiatives and new innovations.

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Infiot emerges from stealth with $15 million to manage edge devices using AI

Infiot emerged from stealth today with $15 million to develop its access platform for internet of things devices. The company says it will put the funds toward product R&D and accelerating its go-to-market efforts.

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