V7 Labs raises $3M to help AI teams ‘automate’ training data workflows

V7 Labs, the makers of a computer vision platform that helps AI teams “automate” and future-proof their training data workflows as advances in AI continue, has picked up $3 million in funding. Leading the seed round is Amadeus Capital Partners, with participation from Partech, Nathan Benaich’s Air Street Capital and Miele Venture.

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Investors double down on tech stocks in massive DoorDash, Airbnb, C3.ai IPOs

Maybe it is a stock market bubble, or a tech-stock bubble at least. And maybe DoorDash, Airbnb and C3.ai and their bankers should have priced higher regardless to take advantage of all of the enthusiasm. It’s hard to avoid reactions like that, after DoorDash, for example, doubled its final private share price to $102 for its public debut on Wednesday — only to see the price climb to $175 at the end of the week.

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State of European Tech: Investment in ‘deep tech’ like AI drops 13%

The latest State of European Tech report highlights that investment in “deep tech” like AI has dropped 13 percent this year. Data from Dealroom was used for the State of European Tech report. Dealroom defines deep tech as 16 fields: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Drones, Autonomous Driving, Blockchain, Nanotech…

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ultimate.ai scores $20M for a supportive approach to customer service automation

Ultimate.ai, a virtual customer service agent builder, has closed a $20 million Series A round of funding, led by Omers Ventures with participation from Felicis Ventures and existing investors HV Capital, and Maki.vc — bringing its total raised to date to $25M+.

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Predicting patient outcomes: ClosedLoop.ai Secures $11M Series A for Health Models

Even before a patient walks into the doctor’s office, ClosedLoop.ai aims to predict whether that patient may be admitted to the hospital soon or is likely to cancel an appointment. The Austin-based company is using a new $11 million Series A cash infusion to continue developing its health care data science platform that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to enable data scientists to build and deploy predictive models.

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Abacus.AI Lands $22M Series B

Artificial intelligence startup Abacus.AI has raised $22 million in a Series B round led by Coatue, the company announced Wednesday. With Abacus.AI, an organization’s team of developers–with access to the organization’s data–can use its platform to create deep-learning systems that can make accurate predictions without having to invest the time and resources to do so from scratch.

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Using Algorithms derived From Neuroscience research, Numenta demonstrates 50x speed improvements on Deep Learning Networks

Numenta has made some advances by applying a principle of the brain called sparsity. It compared sparse networks and dense networks by running its algorithms on Xilinx FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) for a speech recognition task that used the Google Speech Commands (GSC) dataset.

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Top 20 Manchester tech startups to work for in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has left a dent in several businesses across the world causing a major economic downturn. As the world has started recovering from the pandemic and its onslaught, many tech startups are hiring for fresh talent. Likewise, there are numerous tech startups in Manchester, UK that are also hiring right now.
After extensive research and analysis, Tempo has now come up with the best 20 startups to work in Manchester for the year 2021. These companies have been carefully handpicked by Tempo by considering various parameters like company mission, employee reviews, career pages, and upfront information.
Tempo has specialised in driving online recruitment for young talent and works with a passion to get this generation to the workforce. Given the current situation, the company wants people to work at some of the best and young startups in the city of Manchester that were founded on or after 2013 with less than 400 employees.
According to Ben Chatfield, CEO of Tempo, “Now more than ever, job seekers are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the companies they want to work for. It’s not just about topline growth and elaborate perks, it’s about the mission, opportunities for learning, and, crucially, how employees have been treated during the pandemic. With the Super Startups, we are delighted to recognise game-changing businesses that are also fantastic places to work.”
Without further ado, here we list these Manchester startups that are hiring right now.

How this Berlin-based employment platform wants to help UK companies hire talent overseas post-Brexit

Founder/s: Mike AndersonFounded year: 2017
Image credits: Padoq
Funding: €964k
Padoq is behind some of the most used smartphone apps, and the company also makes apps for enterprises at an affordable price. The company has many job openings and it offers a good set of perks for the employees. If you want to work at a chilled out place, then Padoq might be the company.
Image credits: Peak
Founder/s: Richard Potter, David Leitch, Atul SharmaFounded year: 2014Funding: €19M

European marketing intelligence startup Objective Platform raises €2M funding

Peak uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive businesses to achieve more. The working environment at Peak is built around shared ownership, allowing employees to learn more and acquire newer skills. The company works with small companies to big brands and is currently looking for motivated people to work in a new-age company.
Image credits Airtime Rewards
Airtime Rewards
Founder/s: Adam Ward, Josh GrahamFounded year: 2014Funding: €1.2M
If you use a smartphone with a cellular network, then Airtime Rewards is an app that can give rewards. It uses already existing payment infrastructures like MasterCard & Visa and offers instant rewards to the users. If you are interested in working at a company that benefits users, then Airtime Rewards is looking for people like you.
Image credits: Street Group
Street Group
Founder/s: Thomson Staff, Heather StaffFounded year: 2015Funding: NA

Clim8 raises £2.4M: London-based app lets you invest responsibly so you can save the planet and make money

Street Group is a new-age company which is behind products like Spectre & Hello Again. The company is actively looking for like-minded people with various talents, and it offers £1,000 towards a holiday if one completes a year at Street Group. This company works with the mission to move real estate into the 21st century.
Image credits: Open Money
Founder/s: Anthony MorrowFounded year: 2016Funding: NA
Open Money helps users to manage, invest, and plan money for the future in a smart way. The brand believes that financial advice should be accessible to everyone with ease and is built by a highly spirited team to make a real difference in the world. This company is touted to give a range of benefits for its employees.
Image credits: Push Doctor
Push Doctor
Founder/s: Eren Ozagir, Matt ElcockFounded year: 2013Funding: NA
Push Doctor takes health care to the next level by offering services like online consultation and video appointments with NHS-trained GPs, especially on patient’s terms. The company is looking for new employees who can make a difference in people’s lives. It is a pioneer in the digital healthcare industry, claims the company.
Image credits: Goodbox
Founder/s: Andrew O’Brien, Francesca HodgsonFounded year: 2016Funding: €5.5M
GoodBox uses the power of the internet to connect NGOs and charities with donations to help humanity. This is a fast-paced working place, and everyone loves challenges. If you like working in a competitive space that respects employees, then GoodBox is looking for you. To summarise, GoodBox uses technology to revolutionise the charity sector.
Image credits: Upside Energy
Upside Energy
Founder/s: Andy Molineux, Graham Oakes, Matt Fisher, Matt PottsFounded year: 2014Funding: €8.9M
Upside Energy has one aim, and it is to build a better future for the coming generation by reducing fossil fuels and using sustainable forms of energy. The company is actively looking for new employees, not just that, working at Upside Energy has additional benefits which will make them happy and healthy.
Image credits: Netacea
Founder/s: Andy Still, Jeremy GidlowFounded year: 2018Funding: NA
Netacea is a company that offers services to protect mobile apps, websites, and APIs from hacks and malicious attacks. The company offers great career progression, and there is also a flexible working hour, allowing employees to work within their comfort zone. This company harnesses the power of AI to protect websites.
Image credits: Wakelet
Founder/s: Jamil KhalilFounded year: 2014Funding: NA
Wakelet is an all-in-one platform that helps users to curate content from various platforms. It helps users to organise content like video, article, news, Instagram posts, and much more on a single platform. The company is built by strong values, and it encourages team-play, which is a sign of a good working place.
Image credits: Zaptic
Founder/s: Richard MilnesFounded year: 2015Funding: NA
It looks like the company Zaptic was built to take on the COVID-19 outbreak, as the company offers a connected working platform. For the employees, the company offers above-average salary packages with flexible working hours. On top of that, working at Zaptic will also give your perks like a gym membership to keep employees healthy and fit.
Image credits: Tootoot
Tootoot Ltd
Founder/s: Kieran Innes, Michael BrennanFounded year: 2013Funding: NA
Tootoot is a platform for both children and adults to report mental health issues. It offers students a voice and offers a confidential reporting space on personal issues. Rest assured, the company also cares about the mental health of the employees, and the company is actively looking for new talents.
Image credits: TapTrip
Founder/s: Thomas Young, Jack TimblinFounded year: 2018Funding: €180k
Taptrip is all about making your next trip easy. It offers personalised travel plans with an automated expensive report. For the employees, the company offers flexible working hours, paid holidays, and even pays £500 towards employees’ holidays. So, your next holiday is on Taptrip.
Image credits: Housemates
Founder/s: Lydia JonesFounded year: 2018Funding: €135k
Housemates offer new ways of finding your next home. The company operates in transparency, helping students with services like online agreement and online payment for a hassle-free experience. Working at Housemates will definitely get you some brownie points from students across the world.
Image credits: Fractory
Founder/s: Joosep Merelaht, Martin Vares, Rein TormFounded year: 2018Funding: €455k
Fractory is a new-age cloud manufacturing company. It connects engineers to the production houses using an automated platform. They can offer services like metal sheet fabrication with guaranteed shipping across the UK within 9 days. When the team is not mending a metal sheet, they will be participating in an axe-throwing competition.
Image credits: Nivo
Founder/s: Michael CommonFounded year: 2017Funding: €2.4M
Nivo helps businesses to operate during the COVID-19, and the company helps people to understand finances with ease. The company works with various institutions like brokers, banks, and credit unions to cater to their financial needs. From helping them to reduce load approval period to reducing application drops, Nivo offers all.
Image credits: Yumi Nutrition
Yumi Nutrition
Founder/s: Sebastien Vanderlinden,Founded year: 2017Funding: NA
Yumi Nutrition is all about making your supplements like Vitamins fun and candy-like. Working at this place has perks like early finish Fridays, free breakfast, and the company is even generous about holiday allowance. We bet the company might even give you a complimentary vitamin (Yumi) with your breakfast and definitely sounds like a fun company to work for.
Image credits: Dr Fertility
Dr Fertility
Founder/s: Kobi McCardle, Lucy BuckleyFounded year: 2017Funding: €1.2M
Dr Fertility is all about helping and supporting people with the fertility journey. It services like fertility education, video consultations, and fertility clinicians to help people who are thinking of trying to get pregnant or who have tried and failed. Considering the ever-growing market, the company is looking for staff and is actively hiring.
Image credits: TickX
Founder/s: Sam Coley, Steve PearceFounded year: 2015Funding: €4.8M
TickX makes booking tickets for a movie or a play easy and accessible. It could be a blockbuster cinema from your favorite studio or a theatre shows from a small festival, TickX has it all. The founders of the company have a knack for art and creativity, and the company is looking for people with a similar mindset.
Image credits: Culture Shift
Culture Shift
Founder/s: Stuart Bradley, Gemma McCall, Carl SaddFounded year: 2018Funding: €1.6M
Culture Shift aims to empower leaders and senior teams from top-tier organizations with skills that can drive a change at the workplace. The company already has clients like British Council, Equality and Human Rights Commission, and the Law Commission. The company is all about making a workplace happy and safe for every employee, by offering platforms to identify and prevent harassment and bullying at workplaces.

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Embold: Static Code Analyzer uses AI to help Developers analyze and improve their code

Embold is a simple but efficient AI-based static code analyzer that can help developers analyze and improve their code. The feature that truly makes it stand apart is its ability to analyze source code across four dimensions: code issues, design issues, metrics and duplication, and surface issues that impact stability, robustness, security, and maintainability.

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How the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming investment strategies in the Real Estate business

The real estate business is one of the most money-making business in the world. According to MSCI, the global business volume of assets purchase was $8.9 trillion in 2018 which increased to $9.6 trillion in 2019. From consumer property buying and selling strategy to investments in developing commercial mega-projects, from urban town planning to building smart cities, AI is making its way to the real estate industry.

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Cato Networks introduces a new AI System to eliminate false positives in Security Systems

Cato Networks Ltd. has recently introduced a machine learning system that combines threat intelligence and real-time network information, eliminating the false positive (FP) alerts, thereby reducing the cybersecurity team’s work. 

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Intel to acquire SigOpt, an AI Hyperparameter Optimization Platform

Intel has confirmed that it is buying SigOpt Inc., an artificial intelligence startup developing software platforms to optimize AI models. Several private firms and research groups such as OpenAI use these software platforms to boost their AI models’ performance.

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Microsoft introduces Lobe: A free Machine Learning application that allows you to create AI Models without coding

Microsoft has released Lobe, a free desktop application that lets Windows and Mac users create customized AI models without writing any code. Several customers are already using the app for tracking tourist activity around coral reefs, the company said.

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How do you define Business Model Innovation?

In 2020, all competitive companies are in a state of constant business transformation. That’s just a fact : those that do not evolve are made redundant by stronger, more agile competitors. And so, mediocre companies update their products and services. Good companies update their processes, too. Great companies, meanwhile, update their business models.

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479 Founder interviews later: Here are 15 sure-fire Acquisition Channels

I’ve been in the startup community since 2006 and one of the questions I’ve seen constantly popping up is: “How do I get new users? Where do I post? Which acquisition channels should I use to get new users?” Unfortunately, most of the answers are either based on a single experience or someone providing advice without evidence of why you should trust them. I was determined to find a better answer to this question.

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How we are Fighting False News with Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence applied research startup Abzu identifies false news with its proprietary QLattice. In the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report, less than four in ten people said that they trust most news most of the time (that’s 38% surveyed in January 2020, a fall of four percentage points from 2019)¹. Imagine the numbers today.

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AI researchers urge tech to go beyond scale to address systemic social issues

The definition of success for startups and Big Tech companies alike has long been summed up by three words: hockey stick growth. The paper argues that scale thinking is not just a way to grow a business, but a method that impacts all parts of that business, actively inhibits participation in tech and society, and “forces particular types of participation to operate as extractive or exploitative labor.”

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