The evolution and future of AI in the Stock Market

Man trader stock market

Are you aware of how the buying and selling of stocks were carried out when there was no internet or computers? Back then, stock exchanges had active trading floors filled with brokers and traders. To make a trade or a purchase, they had to shout or use hand signals to alert others about their buy or sell orders. It looked a whole lot like an auction at a fish market today. But then came computers and the internet to change the game completely.

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Could Machine Learning have predicted GameStop Madness?

Trading chart

I doubt very much that by today you still don’t know anything about what happened the last few days with GameStop. But, let’s say you don’t. That’s no problem, besides some headlines, I didn’t either. Like any other disinformed person, I decided to read some articles to understand what was going on. After further investigation, I was shocked by the phenomenon’s name. A new term has arisen: “Meme Stock”.

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