The pros and cons of Edge Computing

Edge computing, a process in which computing happens on local servers and devices “on the edge” of the network instead of on distant cloud data centers. Despite its growing popularity and accessibility, is edge computing an enduring solution for efficient and accurate data processing? Read some of the pros and cons.

Read More’s FlowOps uses Explainable AI to streamline production, Supply Chains

Noddle enterprise AI platform

The FlowOps platform unveiled this week by supply chain specialist leverages capabilities such as explainable AI to address multi-trillion-dollar losses annually attributed to product defects, unscheduled manufacturing downtime and excess inventory often associated surge demand.

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University of Pisa leans into the I/O challenge AI applications create

At a time when workloads that employ machine and deep learning algorithms are being built and deployed more frequently, organizations need to optimize I/O throughput in a way that enables those workloads to cost-effectively share the expensive GPU resources used to train AI models. Case in point: the University of Pisa, which has been steadily expanding the number of GPUs it makes accessible to AI researchers in a green datacenter optimized for high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

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