’s FlowOps uses Explainable AI to streamline production, Supply Chains

Noddle enterprise AI platform

The FlowOps platform unveiled this week by supply chain specialist leverages capabilities such as explainable AI to address multi-trillion-dollar losses annually attributed to product defects, unscheduled manufacturing downtime and excess inventory often associated surge demand.

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To forecast, or not to forecast, that is the Supply Chain Question

Supply chain

The total amount of stuff shuffled around the world is truly dizzying. And everything produced based on a wrong forecast can only become waste. There are more than $2 trillion of inventory in the United States alone, $2.04 trillion last time I checked — $2,040 billions. And that is just the United States, a country that tracks figures closely. Keep in mind the US is a service-driven economy, and a fraction of global GDP anyways.

Read More raises $60 million to automate supply chain processes

Truck parked, a shipping and logistics process automation company, today announced it has closed a $60 million series B funding round. The company says it will leverage the investment to continue serving its customers, grow its physical presence in Europe and Asia, and expand its core teams.

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Verusen raises $8 million to reconcile supply chain data using AI

Verusen Platform

Atlanta, Georgia-based Verusen, a startup leveraging AI to build a connected supply chain, today raised $8 million in a series A round co-led by Forte Ventures and Flyover Capital. The company says it will put the funds toward R&D as it expands the size of its workforce.

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Manufacturing the future

Industry 4.0 has been budding over the last decade and has a long way yet to mature, however, the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic has presented a suite of challenges and accelerated the need for solutions. The manufacturing industry has not had the flexibility of remote work to fall back on due to its dependency on onsite workers.

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