Survey finds 96% of execs are adopting ‘offensive AI’ against cyberattacks

Darktrace report

“Offensive AI” will enable cybercriminals to direct attacks on enterprises while flying under the radar of conventional, rules-based detection tools. That’s according a new survey published by MIT Technology Review Insights and Darktrace, which found that more than half of business leaders believe security strategies based on human-led responses are failing.

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US leading race in Artificial Intelligence, China Rising: Survey

AI Race

The United States is leading rivals in development and use of artificial intelligence while China is rising quickly and the European Union is lagging, a research report showed Monday. The United States leads, with an overall score of 44.6 points on a 100-point scale, followed by China with 32 and the European Union with 23.3, the report based on 2020 data found.

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AI industry remains strong despite academic brain drain, tech nationalization

London-based venture capital firm Air Street Capital today published the State of AI Report 2020, its third annual survey canvassing research, talent, industrial, and political trends in the field of AI.

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