For FarmWise’s Cofounders, opportunity was in the Weeds


Before the sun comes up over the rows of salad greens and cauliflower and other vegetables that blanket California’s farms, operators who have been trained to manage the hulking orange machines known Titan FT-35s load them up from the Salinas hub of Farmwise—a startup that offers robotic weeding as a service—and transport them via tractor-trailer to farms in California and Arizona. 

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6 manufacturing execs discuss how data collection and automation are changing the industry

6 manufacturing execs

6 manufacturing execs chatted about the benefits of new communication tools, the advantage of artificial intelligence and automation, and how their companies have pushed themselves to focus on sustainability. 

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AI for the Earth: Ushering in a sustainability revolution

Planet at night

Is artificial intelligence (AI) really as evil as some people think it is? Or is it something more useful; a tool to save the planet? The news of the declining conditions of the health of Earth does not come as a surprise anymore. It’s something that we’ve been listening since the past few years. 

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