Symbio Robotics – The Tech behind Ford Motor Company’s AI-enabled assembly line


Pioneering the next frontier of manufacturing through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial robotics, Symbio Robotics, announced its work with Ford Motor Company to deploy an AI-controlled robot at the automaker’s Livonia Transmission Plant. The robot is programmed and managed with Symbio’s robot-agnostic platform, SymbioDCS, to assemble transmissions for the Bronco Sport, Escape and Edge, to name a few.

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Robotics startup extends factory automation with AI

Factory Automation

The modern factory floor is increasingly automated, but manufacturers are looking for ways to make industrial robots more flexible. To that end, a Bay Area startup is unveiling an AI-based platform that allows robots to learn, adapt and execute new assembly tasks. Symbio Robotics emerged last week, announcing partnerships with automakers …

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