AI-powered contract management platform Malbek lands $15.3M


Contract lifecycle management startup Malbek today announced it has raised $15.3 million in a series A funding round led by Noro-Moseley Partners, with participation from TDF Ventures and Osage Venture Partners. The funding, which brings the company’s total raised to over $20 million, will be used to support product development and expansion, according to CEO Hemanth Puttaswamy.

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Astera Labs, a fabless chip startup, nabs $50M at a $950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in high-bandwidth cloud applications

Astera Labs

Astera Labs, a fabless semiconductor company that builds connectivity solutions that help remove bottlenecks around high-bandwidth applications and help better allocate resources around enterprise data, has raised $50 million.

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Akkio Raises $3 million for AI Platform for everyday business Users


Akkio, developers of an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for non-data scientists, announced the closing of a seed investment round of $3 million led by Bain Capital Ventures.

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IoT device security startup Sternum nabs $27M


Internet of things (IoT) security and observability startup Sternum today announced that it raised $27 million in series B financing led by Spark Capital, with participation from Square Peg Capital, the Hinrich Foundation, Btov, and others. The round, which brings the company’s total raised to $37 million, will be put toward R&D as well as go-to-market efforts and geographic expansion, Sternum says.

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Project44 acquires last-mile delivery startup Convey for $255M

Project44 - Convey

Project44, a Chicago, Illinois-based supply chain visibility solutions provider, today announced that it acquired last-mile delivery startup Convey for $255 million. Together, Project44 says that it and Convey will serve the global supply chain end-to-end, offering insights to help brands deliver new direct-to-consumer and ecommerce experiences.

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CodeSignal secures $50M for its tech hiring platform


In less than a year after raising $25 million in Series B funding, technical assessment company CodeSignal announced a $50 million in Series C funding to offer new features for its platform that helps companies make data-driven hiring decisions to find and test engineering talent.

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DataRobot aims to accelerate AI delivery and operationalize low-code dev


When the management team at DataRobot looks at the future, they see a world where AI is part of every enterprise business decision. If the computer is not operating completely autonomously, it augments the intelligence of the human, whispering advice in their ear. Today, DataRobot releases its DataRobot AI Cloud Platform to run everywhere and handle a diverse collection of roles in classification, detection, and decision making.

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Data operations platform Satori nabs $20M


Data operations platform Satori today announced that it raised $20 million in a series A round led by B Capital Group and Evolution Equity Partners, with participation from Satori’s seed investor YL Ventures. The company says it’ll use the funds, which bring its total raised to $25 million, to support product R&D and expand its go-to-market operations in the U.S.

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[Paper Summary] Washington University Researchers propose a Deep Learning Model that automates Brain Tumor Classification

Biopsies are always the first call when it comes to diagnosing a case of brain cancer. Surgeons start by removing a thin layer of tissue from the tumor to find signs of disease closely under a microscope. Although biopsies are very presumptuous, the samples collected only represent a snatch of the whole tumor. MRI is a less bold but time-consuming process as radiologists have to manually map out the tumor area from the scan before the classification. 

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Rezilion raises $30M help security operations teams with tools to automate their busywork


Guggenheim Investments is leading the round with JVP and Kindred Capital also contributing. Rezilion said that unnamed executives from Google, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, IBM, Cisco, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, Nasdaq, eBay, Symantec, RedHat, RSA and Tenable are also in the round. Previously, the company had raised $8 million.

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What is Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) in the Tech Industry?

AIaaS stands for Artificial Intelligence as a Service, which refers to businesses that offer ready-made AI solutions. Artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) is the third-party outsourcing of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI as a service, companies and individuals can experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investments and with lower risks.

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[Paper Summary] A new Google AI Research Study discovers Anomalous Data using Self Supervised Learning

New Google AI research introduces a 2-stage framework that uses recent progress on self-supervised representation learning and classic one-class algorithms. This framework is simple to train and shows SOTA performance on various benchmarks, including CIFAR, f-MNIST, Cat vs. Dog, and CelebA. Following that, they offer a novel representation learning approach for a practical industrial defect detection problem using the same architecture. On the MVTec benchmark, the framework achieves a new state-of-the-art.

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[Paper Summary] An AI system trained by Loughborough University researchers recognizes the pre-movement patterns from an EEG

A group of researchers from the Intelligent Automation Center at Loughborough University has published a research paper focussed on possible results for training robots to ferret out the intention of arm movement before humans articulate the movement.

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[Paper Summary] Stanford Researchers use Deep Learning to predict Biological Structures, like RNAs, more accurately than ever before

Determination of 3D structures of biological molecules, like RNA’s, is difficult and often requires millions of dollars for such extensive efforts. Stanford University researchers have devised a new deep learning algorithm called ARES (Atomic Rotationally Equivalent Scorer) for overcoming this challenge by computationally forecasting accurate structures. 

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Global Marketing Trends

AI trends

Technologies have had considerable impacts on the way people manage their interpersonal relations. Most humans became particularly hooked into their technologies, including smartphones, the web, computers, laptops, and tablet applications. Moreover, at the start of the 21st century, technologies are getting particularly ubiquitous, and it’s possible to assume that the dependence on technologies will become much severer within the coming years. As new technologies are created, so are the synthetic intelligence applications, which empower gadgets to satisfy complex tasks a without person’s touch. AI may be a combination of human and machine skills, which create a totally new reality for humanity.

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[Paper Summary] Google and Mayo Clinic Researchers propose a new AI Algorithm to improve Brain Stimulation devices to treat disease

lectrical simulation has the potential to widen treatment possibilities for millions of people with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. In the future, this technology may help further treat psychiatric illness or even assist in recovery from brain injuries like stroke.

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[Paper Summary] AI Researchers from ShanghaiTech and UC San Diego introduce SofGAN: A Portrait Image Generator with Dynamic Styling

Researchers in Shanghai and the United States have created a GAN-based portrait creation system that lets users build new faces with previously unattainable levels of control over specific features, including hair, eyes, spectacles, textures, and color.

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[Podcast] On call with Appier CEO Chih Han Yu

Appier CEO Chih Han Yu

Appier is one of the very first unicorns in our portfolio, and went public earlier this year. We covered their journey in this short case study, but in this podcast, we dive deeper into Chih-Han’s perspective on the company’s growth from a group of academics developing AI solutions to a now public, global AI company, developing AI-as-a-service for various applications, and his approach as CEO to building a world-class engineering team and scaling across markets.

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