What “Shifting Left” in Software really means for blameless DevOps

Shifting left - Blameless DevOps

A few really interesting ideas came out of this week’s panel on Enabling Smart Engineering Discussions. There’s a lot of talk these days around how to practice a “blameless culture” in software engineering, and I think it’s important to note the variety of views that make up that idea.

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[Podcast] Quality Sense: Erika Chestnut on Calendly’s test automation strategy

In this episode of Quality Sense, Federico has a conversation with Erika Chestnut, Head of QA at Calendly. She started her career as a developer, but after complaining about quality a few times too many, she found herself learning more about software testing. Today she is a Quality Coach, mentor, consultant, and keynote speaker. Listen to the episode to learn about how test automation plays a role in Calendly’s test strategy, and, as with every guest, her advice for testers on good habits, recommended reads, and more.

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