10 Deadly Sins of Machine Learning Model Training

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10 Deadly Sins of Machine Learning Model Training. ML model training is the most time-consuming and resource-expensive part of the overall model-building journey. Training by definition is iterative, but somewhere during the iterations, mistakes seep into the mix. In this article, I share the ten deadly sins during ML model training — these are the most common as well as the easiest to overlook.

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4 of the worst ways to use AI

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As the pandemic further accelerates our digital transformation, companies are relying even more on automation and particularly on artificial intelligence. Two-thirds of CEOs surveyed last year by a major consulting firm said they will use AI even more than before for the creation of new workforce models. Even higher numbers plan to digitize operations, customer interactions, business models, and revenue streams. This huge acceleration and shift will surely bring massive failures, leaving companies — and in some cases even critical infrastructure — vulnerable to loss as critical decision-making is handed off to AI.

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Grid.ai launches platform for training AI models on the cloud at scale

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Grid.ai today announced the general availability of Grid, a new platform that enables researchers and data scientists to train AI models in the cloud. The company says that Grid enables development and training “at scale” without requiring advanced skills in machine learning engineering.

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Nvidia and ARM will open ‘world-class’ AI centre in Cambridge

Nvidia is already putting its $40 billion ARM acquisition to good use by opening a “world-class” AI centre in Cambridge. British chip designer ARM’s technology is at the heart of most mobile devices. Meanwhile, Nvidia’s GPUs are increasingly being used for AI computation in servers, desktops, and even things like self-driving vehicles.

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