Conversational AI Platform partners Glia to empower Financial Institutions with meeting clients in Digital Environment

Active AI - Glia

Active.Ai, a conversational AI platform developed for financial services, and Glia, a provider of digital customer service, have teamed up in order to empower financial institutions with meeting their customers in the digital domain.

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Deployment should be a priority in any commercial data science project


In this article, I want to give some of the reasons why I became convinced that every data scientist should learn some data engineering skills (or become friends with some data engineers). I want to present my argument from two points of view: a more technical view and a user experience focused view.

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Closing the AI Gap: A critical opportunity for Enterprise Software companies

Mind the Gap

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Its applications are plentiful and far-reaching, and its growth seems to be pandemic-proof. IDC forecasted that, even in the face of an economic downturn, the AI market would grow by 12.3% in 2020. But there is a notable gap in where AI is taking hold.

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How AI and Smart Chatbots ensure to provide excellent User Experience

Woman using a tablet

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are adopting AI approaches and implementing use cases that are efficient enough; the global revenue of AI solutions is estimated to reach the mark of 118.6 billion dollars by 2025. Serving customers and businesses with the best experience and services worldwide, AI approaches are rapidly replacing the traditional methods and decreasing the requirement for humans to perform specific redundant tasks.

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The impact of AI Transformers on the customer experience

Impact of AI transformers

I have spent the last few weeks understanding the impact of a great revolution in the world of Artificial Intelligence and NLP on the customer experience. Not from a purely technical point of view, but trying to estimate the competitive advantage that this new approach can generate. We are facing yet another disruptive innovation, and it can bring significant advantages, let’s try to find out which ones.

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How to combine design & business thinking in Product Development

Design Thinking & Business Thinking in Product Development

Long-life living for only getting profit has not much sense. Similarly, products created for “making money” become part of the mass-consumerist machine. Nothing special. They are quickly forgotten. They are, and they are not. They live for a while and bring very temporary value. 

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