Switzerland is on a mission to increase Diversity In AI

Swiss Alps - the Matterhorn

Without any doubt, Switzerland is a trusted hub for innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world. Thanks to the simultaneous presence of world-leading academic research institutions and industry innovation labs, Switzerland regularly ranks among the leaders when it comes to AI. For the past ten years, it has held 1st place as the top innovation economy, according to the Global Innovation Index (WIPO).

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Changemakers in AI Explore AI Applications in Health Care, Sustainability, Policy, and Education

AI Change Makers

Launched in 2018, Changemakers in AI builds on educational foundations laid in AI4ALL college and high school programs, building community and offering students continued opportunities for leadership and technical growth. Now comprising over 750 college and high school age youth, Changemakers in AI supports AI4ALL students at all points of their learning trajectories, understanding that multiple touchpoints are necessary to influence long-term student outcomes and change the direction of the AI field. In Special In

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The importance of Women in Data Science

Women in Machine Learning

Women have carved a niche for themselves in almost every field one could possibly think of. Business, finance, marketing, IT, law. However, data science is that one field that’s still a little unexplored by women. What’s been observed so far is that the data science industry is men-dominated and the number of females who’ve made a career in this field is relatively less.

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Bias in AI systems and efforts to fix it

Understand how racial and gender biases in artificial intelligence systems occur and how to address them. In April 2019, New York University’s AI Now Institute released a report on the impact of bias in artificial intelligence systems. About 12 months later, you might remember the Twitter the storm caused when a pixelated image of Barack Obama was turned into a higher resolution image of the former president by an AI model. Except…

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How to attract Women to your Technological event’s

When news came out last week that Paypal was holding a panel debate on gender equality that only included male speakers, public response was less than helpful. “A female organizer’s statement explaining that the panel was specifically intended to feature “male allies” satisfied no one, drawing answers such as, “Wow. “I see that if you needed someone to take the blame, you could find a woman.” And that comment came from a man. You’d better think about putting women on the agenda if you’re organizing a tech event today.

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10 different Data Science job titles and what they mean

Job hunting is always a hassle. It’s a brutal game, where you need to stand out among hundreds and sometimes thousands of other applicants to get “the job.” But, finding a job to apply for in the first place is not an easy task.
When I first started with data science, I was baffled about the different data science-related roles’ responsibilities. I didn’t want to choose a role that I am not completely sure about what I will be doing.

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